RealGirl Who Am I?

Hello my name is Charlie (my Mum still calls me Charlotte), and a very warm welcome to my blog site.

Our lab Isla

Our lab Isla


2015-02-09 16.03.44

By day at the moment – I am a mummy to Noah who was born early Feb 2015.  This blog will document my journey as a first time mum along with my usual ramblings about anything and everything.

Because of the little man I am taking a break from my job as a radio presenter on Heart, but fully intend on going back to the world of media when the time is right.

I’m a natural ‘sharer’.  I want to talk to you – about life, love and the dull mundane stuff that gets to us all.  I hope that sometimes my RealGirlRamblings may help someone else.

I also obsessively collect beauty products and want to share my honest and RealGirl reviews of them with you.

Here are some other bits about me:

– I am a ‘co-habiter’ with my amazing fiancé Jay. He’s the one.  Had to kiss a few frogs to get here.  We are both short and geeks.  It works.  We just need to crack on planning the wedding

– After not really liking dogs I am a conformed dog lover and share my home with Isla the labrador

– I am the most Scorpio-esque Scorpio you will ever meet

– Talking of meet or MEAT, I’m a strict veggie since age 6

– Fake tan is my best friend

– I am senstitive and emotional

– I don’t force my opinions on anyone. I hate it when people do that. I just like to draw from my own experiences and hope that it may spark a healthy discussion





  1. Hi Charlie love your blog, so honest, as a man I think I could probably learn a lot haha. Keep writing, Paul

  2. Gorgeous blog, gorgeous you, lovely to have discovered you x

  3. Hi, I am a midwife and I would love to share this with my colleagues (story but no photos of course)

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