Feeling nostalgic

I’ve had an attack of nostalgia this week.

I’ve been dreaming about university a lot. Which is weird. I graduated 11 whole years ago this summer (giving my age away now) and I have no apparent reason to start dreaming about it now!

But the feelings of missing the place have been so strong that I’ve even dug out the old photo album!

But it’s not just uni that I’ve been reminiscing over.

It’s the start of mine and Jay’s relationship – you know those giddy days when you’re head over heels in love and everything involves that butterfly feeling.

I’ve been reminiscing over my days on Heart radio with James that I enjoyed so very much.

God – I’ve even been pouring over photos of when Noah was first born!  (It was only five months ago – get a grip woman)

What’s wrong with me?!

After much deliberation I know what it is. Nothing is wrong – I’m just becoming more aware of the passing of time. I think it’s an age and a ‘mum’ thing.

It has suddenly dawned on me how fast time goes. Those precious memories with loved ones. Flashes of times that you’ll never get back.

I like myself more since becoming a mummy.  I’m happier.  I don’t sweat the small stuff anymore. I embrace the little things. The milestones with my child and my family that won’t mean anything to anyone else, but mean the world to me.

The smiles, the cuddles, the way my boy smells and feels.  The little moments between myself and Noah that I’ll remember till the day I die.

I’m embracing the relationships in my life that mean the world to me – with Jay my fiancé, with family members that I love and with friends that I cherish.

Becoming a parent does funny things to you.

And just for a giggle – here are a couple of pics from my trip down memory lane


Jay and I in the early days before babies and bags under the eyes!

Jay and I in the early days before babies and bags under the eyes!

hanging out with James and Matt from Heart - there may have been alcohol involved.  Not for me though, I was heavily pregnant!

hanging out with James and Matt from Heart – there may have been alcohol involved. Not for me though, I was pregnant!

Uni graduation ball photo!  I'm proud to say these girls are still very much in my life

Uni graduation ball photo! I’m proud to say these girls are still very much in my life

Best friends from school at my 30th

Best friends from school at my 30th

Another loved up picture!

Another loved up picture!

More uni memories - now we're both mums!

More uni memories – now we’re both mums!

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Baby Friendly Days Out – Leeds Castle

Leeds Castle

Welcome to my new little project – baby friendly days out. I figured I like days out, and my days out now need to be baby friendly, so let’s blog about them! I’m proud to say that my first baby friendly day out review is of one of my absolute favourite places in Kent – […]

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Diary of a tired mummy …


7pm – Start feeding baby in the dark.  Thank God for smartphones.  What did people do during darkened feeds back in the days of the Nokias? Snakes? 7.30pm – Pray to myself that baby continues his amazing run of only one night wake up as per the previous week.  Chastise self for praying about such […]

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20 weeks old

noah 20 weeks 1

My intention was to do one of these every month – but it seems I totally missed out 16 weeks! So here we are and I can’t quite believe it – Noah is 20 weeks old. I know ALL parents say this, and it’s a bit of a cliché but really, WHERE DOES THE TIME […]

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Papoozle baby carrier – winner!

Screenshot 2015-06-18 10.31.05

Thanks so much if you entered my recent giveaway to win a fab Papoozle baby carrier! Big congrats to Tracy who was our winner!     Keep an eye out for more giveaways coming very soon!   x  

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Dear Mother Nature … an open letter


Dear Mother Nature Me and you are gonna fall out.  Seriously. Now I know that you are responsible for all the rather lovely things – trees, oceans, cute babies/puppies/kittens etc.  I’ll give you that.  Bravo.  Well done. But turns out you’re also a bit of a sly old cow as well aren’t you? I bet […]

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Papoozle baby carrier – review and WIN!

22Apr13: Papoozle packaging shoot with Beth, Leigh and Jenna

Pic by Nick McGowan-Lowe
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Picture ref: 201304224203

The other day I did a quick blog post about Noah being grouchy, bless him. Well I think it’s safe to say he’s well and truly going through Leap 4.  If you’ve no idea what I am talking about – these are developmental changes that affect babies at very specific times and in very real […]

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The curse of the grizzly baby


Before I start I should prob put in the usual disclaimer *i love my baby more than anything in the world, wouldn’t swap him, all that jazz* (believe it or not bloggers DO have to put that in black and white to save future harassment and parental judgements)   Right, now that’s out of the […]

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10 reasons why working is easier than staying home with a baby

2015-05-19 16.38.32

“Oh, you’re just going to stay at home and be a mum?” *Cue bloody annoying / patronising facial expressions … Actually I haven’t decided you nosey nosey person.  Not that it’s any of your sodding business really, but I’m currently looking at some freelance radio options, I’m very busy blogging and making videos and I […]

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