30 Weeks

Hiya!  Think it’s exactly 4 weeks since I did a proper pregnancy update – so I thought now was as good a time as any!

I shouldn’t have to say this every time (but lack of self confidence makes me do it) but if you hate baby bore stuff, then this is not the place for you, and you should probably leave now!

I did actually get verbally attacked on Facebook by a not-so-nice lady the other day over mentioning my pregnancy on  my radio show, which has probably knocked my confidence a bit – but I’ll save all that for another blog!

I think I’ll do what I did last time, and break it all down into questions that people are regularly asking me (and will be asking you too, if you’re also expecting!)


When am I leaving work? And am I going back?

I am leaving on Christmas Eve!  Which is going to feel SO weird, just like any other Christmas show.  I’ve got real mixed emotions about the whole work thing.  But my body needs to finish soon.  I’m beyond tired with the 4am starts.  Driving is also starting to freak me out a bit.  I’m a very confident driver usually but wet roads, seeing lots of accidents and careless drivers are making me nervous.  I keep worrying that someone will crash into me and hurt the bump :(  So it’s probably best to stop driving so much soon.

Will I be back?!  I hope so – in some capacity.  I guess a lot depends on whether or not I am wanted back!  It’s a tough one.  Priority first of all is baby and getting used to being a mum, and hoping the rest will fall into place.  Radio is part of who I am though, so you can’t shut me up for long!


Have I packed my hospital bag?

I keep getting asked this – especially by my sister in law who had her gorgeous baby six weeks early back in the summer.   And she has a point – you have no way of knowing when baby is going to put in an appearance!  I suddenly felt a bit panicked this weekend so we went out and got most of the bits for our hospital bags – one for me, one for baby.  There are so many lists online which are really helpful but there is SO much on on them it’s overwhelming.  And I am not a girl that travels light, so it’s very tempting to pack way too much.  So I asked one of my best friends who had her baby two years ago – she gave me some top tips, and food was one of them!  The other was BIG knickers!

For me, Jay bought me a gorgeous Cath Kidston bag, and for baby we’ve been sent an amazing Pacapod!  I am so impressed with it.  It’s got compartments so you can keep things separate.  I think the idea is to use them as changing bags after baby is here, but it’s perfect for hospital too.  It’s got a separate changing pod, feeding pod, an inbuilt changing mat and even a place to clip your keys.  Think this will suit me as I’m scatty and spend my life scrabbling around carpark floors searching for my keys!  The other great thing about this bag is that Jay loves it.  He is strangely obsessed with containing stuff and loves being organised (good job one of us is).  It’s also a good manly colour, so when he’s out with baby he doesn’t need to worry about carrying a girly bag!

Jay with the Pacapod in the nursery

Jay with the Pacapod in the nursery


Some of the bits for baby's bag

Some of the bits for baby’s bag



How am I feeling?

I’m feeling generally ok, tired but ok.  I keep getting told it looks like I’m having a big baby which is slightly annoying!  Hoping it’s just because I am so small.  I was feeling ridiculously tired, and my blood tests came back showing I am anaemic.  So as well as now taking daily iron tablets I’m trying extra hard to cram in the iron.  Red meat is an obvious one, but being a strict veggie means it’s lots of broccoli for me, which is fine as I love it.

Got to say the hormones do seem to have geared up a bit in the last couple of weeks.  I’ve had a few weepy moments, but from what I’ve read and heard – this is completely normal.  I try and tell Jay or my mum when I’m feeling worried about stuff – it definitely helps lighten the load.

Lots of iron rich foods

Lots of iron rich foods



Is baby moving lots?

Yes!  He or she is doing weird somersaults as I type actually.  I’ve paid close attention to movements all the way through, especially as there is so much focus on this from campaigns like Count The Kicks.

A couple of Sundays ago I had a whole day where I barely felt baby move at all, which was very out of character.  I spend the whole day wondering if I was just being a paranoid first time mum.  I tried all the usual tricks – cold drink, lying on my side, sugar – but nothing seemed to work.  So early evening I made a quick call to my labour ward who told me to go in straight away.  And typically the minute the midwife put the monitor on my tummy baby kicked me and her so hard!  They monitored me for 45 minutes and we were reassured by a very strong (and loud) heartbeat.  Baby was either having a quiet day, or had got into a new position.  But it made me realise that if you have ay worries or doubts at all, it’s best to call the hospital.  That’s what they are there for, and they were very helpful and supportive.


Have we chosen names yet?

I’m thinking of doing a whole separate blog on this subject – because it’s SO HARD!  We have got names but I keep changing my mind, or we see it on a list and feel it’s too common.  I really never thought it would be this hard.  I think we’ll have a couple in mind for each sex, and see what suits baby when it’s here!  Although Jay is so convinced it’s a boy – he won’t even really discuss girls names with me!


Am I exercising?

I think I mentioned this in my 26 week blog.  I’m doing pregnancy yoga once a week which I just love.  It’s an hour and a half where I just get to be a mum-to-be and don’t have to worry about boring people!  It’s nice to be in the same boat as other ladies and it’s a great chance to stretch and do lots of lovely breathing exercises.  I totally recommend it for any pregnant lady.

I’ve also bought a pregnancy ball.  I originally got this because I know that baby is currently breech.  Although it still has lots of time to spin round, I didn’t think there was any harm in having a little bounce now!  The ball also came with a great set of exercises – so I’m doing some stretches and squats with the ball, which feels lovely.  Good for the back ache.

On the pregnancy and birthing ball

On the pregnancy and birthing ball


Right I think that’s probably enough baby-boring for one blog!  I potentially have some very exciting blogging news in the pipeline, so watch this space.  I might also be vlogging soon – that’s video blogging by the way.  Not a form of medieval torture!

Chat soon, and as always – thanks for reading.





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