12 Weeks Old


So, the last proper update I did about Noah was at 8 weeks – so at (almost) 12 weeks I thought I’d do a little update!

First of all – where does time go?!  EVERYONE said to me in the beginning just how fast time goes, and they were right!

I struck me that in pregnancy 12 weeks is a very significant time – which makes me feel a little emotional.  I was SO relieved at our 12 week scan to see a healthy, moving little baby after not getting that far in our previous two pregnancies.  The concept of ’12 weeks’ just seems special for this reason.


Noah - 12 weeks in my tummy

Noah – 12 weeks in my tummy

Noah - 12 weeks on this earth

Noah – 12 weeks on this earth











Noah at 12 weeks

It’s amazing to watch how much they come on in a matter of weeks isn’t it?  Already Noah is a proper little live wire.  He loves people, especially women (a flirt like his Dad).  He doesn’t like beards.  He loves having his nappy changed bizarrely and chats and smiles away on his changing mat.

I’m literally noticing big changes every day.  He’s holding his head up really well and leaning forward in my lap.

He’s also loving his playmat – and can stare at himself in the little mirror for ages!  How vain.

I’m preserving with ‘tummy time’ – which is essential for their development, even though he’s not a fan.  I have found he’s better though if you get down on his level – which makes sense.



Tummy time


I have also noticed in the last few days he’s becoming very clingy again.  He’s wanting a lot of mummy cuddles and attention. Having looked on the Wonder Weeks app this is entirely normal at this age and a sign that he’s about to go through ‘Leap 3′ in his development.  If you haven’t checked out Wonder Weeks I’d really recommend it.  You have to pay for the app but it’s well worth it.  It often explains all the little niggles that seem to appear from no where!


wanting extra cuddles & watching TV over my shoulder!

wanting extra cuddles & watching TV over my shoulder!

Wanting to be on my lap a lot this week

Wanting to be on my lap a lot this week












He’s also gaining weight well – which is a relief after him being low birth weight and me receiving A LOT of pressure in the early days.

We’re now going for weigh-ins every three weeks, which I’m actually really happy about as it means I can keep a good track of things too.


Us at the weighing clinic this week

Us at the weighing clinic this week



Feeding and Sleeping

When anyone asks about your baby – they always ask about these two things – probably because babies don’t do much else!

As you may know – I wrote a little piece about sleep when Noah was just four weeks old.

I’m pleased to report that night times are MUCH better now.  We’ve got a nice little massage/bath/feed/bed routine going on.

He still wakes 2-3 times in the night to feed but I’m fine with it – I think all the years of breakfast radio was excellent training!

Daytime naps are still more of a challenge – in fact I’m rubbish at getting him down.  My fiancé Jay is DEFINITELY better at it than me.  Perhaps I’m too emotionally invested!

He always sleeps in the car and pram though, which is a bonus.

Coffee and nap time

Coffee and nap time


As for feeding – I know that in my 8 week update I talked about a lot of the issues we’d had.

Well it took a LONG 8 weeks, but we’ve got there and I’m pleased to report that (touch wood) we seem to be breastfeeding with no issues now and I’m really enjoying it!

I’ve even lost another 2 pounds of baby weight this week and I’m sure it’s down to his increased appetite.

The only thing I still don’t have much confidence with is feeding in public – something that I hope to get better at.

I also hope that anyone reading this who is having feeding issues will take away from this the fact that it took me 8 whole weeks to feel good about it – but we got there in the end, and I’m so glad I stuck it out. Cracks n all!


Socialising and getting out and about

I was joking yesterday that I feel like Noah’s social secretary!

We do baby massage classes on a Wednesday – which I just love, and so does he.

In the next couple of weeks we’re starting baby yoga and baby explorers!

I must admit, before having Noah I really didn’t think I’d want to do mummy and baby classes.  As a career woman it really didn’t appeal to me.

But now I’ve seen the light.  Not only does it get you out of the house and breaks up the loooong days, but I also get to hang out with other women in the same boat as me.

Speaking of which we had our first NCT girls night out last night which was lovely.


Checking out one of the other babies at baby massage!

Checking out one of the other babies at baby massage!



Worky things

As much as I LOVE being a mummy, I’ve always known that I need to also be challenged in other ways.

I was writing blogs 9 days after giving birth – it’s just what makes me happy.

Another very exciting opportunity has also recently come up.

I’ve been chosen to be a ‘Channel Mum sponsored vlogger’!!

Channel Mum is a fab new network – bringing together mums who vlog on youtube.

The idea is they will help us grow our channels while providing great videos for other parents around the world to watch.

I was so so proud that mine and Jay’s channel was chosen – it really does feel like a huge honour.

We’ve already got a MASSIVE list of ideas and topics we’re going to cover.

I’d love you to subscribe to our channel if possible – that way you’ll get to see what we’re up to.

Hit this link here – and then click on the subscribe button!

Thank you!


With my gorgeous new Panasonic camera for vlogging

With my gorgeous new Panasonic camera for vlogging


And last but by no means least – this week we took Noah to meet James, Producer Matt and all the team at Heart.

It felt really weird going back – like I’d never been away.

I realised just how much I miss being on the radio, and hope to go back to it at some point.

I’ll finish up with a picture of when Noah met James :)

Thanks for reading – oh and if you have any tips for day time napping – leave them in the comments below!



Noah's trip to Heart

Noah’s trip to Heart




Money – are we all just living on a knife-edge?

I read an article today from one of my absolute favourite bloggers – Emily who runs the very amusing Stolen Sleep blog/website.

Her pieces usually make me snort with laughter because they take a very real and often downright sarcastic look at parenting and lack of sleep.

But Emily’s article today stopped me in my tracks a bit because it is a far cry from her usual sartorial piece – today she wrote about having to use foodbanks to feed her family.  You can read the whole thing here.

I think if I’m honest my initial reaction was shock.  Shock that such a successful and regularly published writer is being forced to use foodbanks because her finances since having children have been so tough.

But then the more I thought about it the more I realised we are all just living on a financial knife edge – me included.

The perception of working in the media to outsiders is huge salaries, major perks and the dosh rolling in.  To be honest, nothing could be further from the truth.  Before having my baby Noah I was earning a reasonable salary as a radio presenter.  (note the word reasonable – not big)  But I was self employed.  Radio presenters work from contract to contract with very little security, if any.  This means I wasn’t entitled to company maternity pay and the day  I did my last show was the last day I got paid.

My partner Jay is also a radio presenter, and a damn fine one at that.  But I’m very aware of the fact that we’re currently surviving on one salary – while I currently spend my days breastfeeding and raising our child and doing odd bits of freelance work on the side to keep a few extra pennies coming in.

Could I go back to work full time?  I guess I could (if someone would have me!) but at what cost?  We’d have to pay for at least some childcare and then it would sort of become pointless for us.  We do have my family nearby but my parents both work practically full time, with their only spare day taken up providing free childcare for my brother’s child.  I just wouldn’t feel comfortable adding my child to their already burdened load.

I remember a few years back going to a homeless shelter in Kent to do some very tough interviews at Christmas time.  And something one of the organisers said to me has ALWAYS stuck in my mind – that all of us are just three months away from being homeless.  It doesn’t take much.  Redundancy and a few missed mortgage payments.  Anyone can find themselves in a very sticky financial situation.

According to figures today – a massive one million Brits could soon be using foodbanks – such a worrying statistic.

I’m not really sure what the point in this post is.  Perhaps my chance to express some gratitude for my current situation and food on the table but also a degree of fear for the future.

Anyway – back to reality, my peace is shattered because Noah has just woken up from his nap!

Over and out



my days are currently spent looking after this one

my days are currently spent looking after this one



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