Video Video Video Vlog Vlog Vlog

Sorry about the crap title.  I’m in a very odd mood today!

To try and sort out said mood I’m off out for dinner in a minute – but I just wanted to post mine and Jay’s latest video vlog.

As our due date looms closer – we’ve filmed some of our baby preparation – including freezing meals, a timelapse of Jay putting up the nursery furniture and me reluctantly sorting through my old party dresses to make room for, well, baby stuff!





Things I’ve Noticed Since Not Being At Work

Hiya!  So it’s 3 and a half weeks since I left work – and I’m pleased to report that I’ve actually been keeping very busy with various blogging/vlogging/baby/radio projects!  So I’m not bored yet.

BUT It has also been rather enlightening for me – because unless I’ve been poorly, I haven’t been at home during these hours for years!  It’s a different world.

So just for fun – here are some things I’ve noticed since not being at work;


– 8 hours sleep is truly amazing.  Even though my sleep is very broken because I’m fat, can’t turn over in bed and need a wee every two hours, I’m still getting more sleep than I was whilst doing breakfast radio!  Jay says I am a nicer person (was I THAT bad?!) And I’m definitely crying less.

– 3 meals a day, at the right times is also brilliant!  Breakfast at breakfast time, lunch at lunch time and dinner in the actual night time with another actual person!  Four weeks ago I really did think that sandwiches for breakfast, cereal bars on the go for lunch and dinners-for-one before nightfall were all totally normal.

– Sticking with food – I have also noticed that being at home more equals more regular access to food cupboards which can be a hazard.  One more biscuit won’t hurt will it?

– I have LOADS of neighbours who all go to work at about 7.30-8am.  I’m sure I’ve never seen half of them before.

– My friends like me more because I reply to messages after 8.30pm.  In fact, recently I’ve been known to start whatsapp conversations AFTER 10pm.  Reckless behaviour I know.

– I am not spending the gross domestic product of a small country on fuel for my car every week.  It’s incredible.  A tank lasted me two weeks.  Two weeks!  It used to be two DAYS.

– My postman wears shorts all year round.  Standard I guess.

– Jay my fiancé gets a LOT of sleep.

– Isla my labrador gets even more.

– As well as lots of neighbours and a dressed-for-summer-postie – there is also an early rising woodpecker (no jokes please) on our estate.  How charming and how very Darling Buds Of May.

– Jay gets at LEAST two parcels a day delivered to the house.

– Watching TV in the evenings is fun.  Having a conversation with someone in the evenings is fun.  Going out in the evenings is fun.




2015-01-10 19.14.24

A pre-night out selfie. And I stayed awake till 2am….. Miracle



The Most Amazing Weekend

Me and Jay :)

Howdy – how was your weekend?  Good I hope. I’ve shared a few little snippets of mine on twitter and facebook but thought I’d write a proper post about this weekend, especially as it’s been my last time to party for a while! ;) The reason I had such a good time was because we had […]

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35 Weeks – Getting Prepared

Jess and Me with our bumps :)

Happy New Year!  Did you have a great Christmas?  Mine was the usual – lovely couple of days with family – lots of food, just no alcohol this year! The big difference for me this New Year, is that I’m not going back to work tomorrow.  I had a couple of days last week where […]

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30 Weeks


Hiya!  Think it’s exactly 4 weeks since I did a proper pregnancy update – so I thought now was as good a time as any! I shouldn’t have to say this every time (but lack of self confidence makes me do it) but if you hate baby bore stuff, then this is not the place […]

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Pregnancy Diary – 37 weeks


Originally posted on Gas And Air:
This series of pregnancy diary entries are written by Siobhan, mum of one and now almost ready to meet her second baby due in 3 weeks time! Siobhan’s first birth 7 years ago left her feeling like she would never be able to have a natural birth again, but…

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10 Reasons I’m Irrationally Grumpy Tonight

Grumpy cat

(Disclaimer: I am 29 weeks pregnant.  I am hormonal.  And yes I know I am lucky/blessed/have no right to moan/not the first woman to be pregnant/first world problems- delete as applicable. But this is MY  blog, so just ssshhhh)     10 Reasons I’m Irrationally Grumpy Tonight   10. Because waking up at 4am, then […]

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The Fear

Doing what I love

When you’ve experienced loss, you kind of feel that it’s not your right to moan about anything pregnancy or baby related. I feel that I really shouldn’t moan about putting on weight, worries about giving birth, or the fear of sleepless nights. And actually I don’t really.  Yep I’ve moaned to Jay a bit about […]

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26 Weeks

Bump 26 weeks + 4 days, excuse bathroom selfie but I am only one here!

Evening!  Well I’ve just come round from a two hour snooze and thought I should do something productive with the few hours that remain of today – and I haven’t blogged in a while so here I am, hello. I thought I’d just write down a few bits about where I am at with my […]

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Much Needed Girly Weekend

The beautiful Champneys, Henlow

I was supposed to blog about this last week but in true ‘me’ style – I came down with a rotten virus thing that wiped me out for most of the week, ugh!  Anyway, back on my feet now – and back on here. So last weekend, I got to have a much needed girly […]

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