10 reasons why working is easier than staying home with a baby

“Oh, you’re just going to stay at home and be a mum?” *Cue bloody annoying / patronising facial expressions …

Actually I haven’t decided you nosey nosey person.  Not that it’s any of your sodding business really, but I’m currently looking at some freelance radio options, I’m very busy blogging and making videos and I have a few other little bits up.my.sleeve.  Ta very much.

BUT, and here’s the big BUT – even if I WAS considering ‘just’ staying at home and being a mum for the next 5-10 years – would that make me a big fat failure?

AND, and here’s the big AND – staying at home is not the easy option!

Hang on, I feel the need to really shout this from my imaginary rooftop ….


So, with this is mind – here are 10 reasons why working is easier than staying at home with a baby:


1. At work no one is repeatedly sick down you. Not on your shoulder, in your hair, down your boobs.  (Except maybe after the Christmas party, and even then you’d have a good solid HR case.)

2. The only toilet privacy issue at work is when someone goes into the cubicle next to you and you worry they can hear you weeing.  At home there’s always a small person VERY close to you carrying out your business.

3. At work you get a lunch break.  Two key words there. LUNCH and BREAK – meaning you get actual food and an actual break.  Damn you.

4. In your place of work you it’s unlikely that there is someone yelling at / starring longingly at / sucking on your boobs on an off all day.  Except I’m guessing if you work in the ‘adult’ industry, then I expect it’s fairly commonplace.

5. At work you get to stimulate your mind, feel like you’re contributing to the economy and broaden your horizons.  At home with a small person you watch Jeremy Kyle and CBeebies Small Potatoes.

6.  After work drinks.  Ahhhh the after work drink.  A great way to unwind, socialise with colleagues and perhaps further your career options.  There’s no such thing as an ‘after work drink’ for a stay-at-home-parent – coz you’re always at work.  There is no ‘after’.

7. Having a WHOLE ENTIRE phone conversation without someone crying or pulling your hair.  Actually in one of my jobs there was always a girl crying in the office.  She didn’t pull my hair though.

8. In an office or place of work it’s fairly easy to convince your boss and co-workers that you’re really really busy when in fact you can’t be arsed.  At home this simply isn’t possible.  A small person detects such fraud straight away.

9. At work you don’t have to convince someone they need to sleep at least four times in the day.  Unless of course you work in a sleep clinic.

10.  Work places have cleaners.  They clean up after you at the end of your day.  And they often have canteens.  As a stay-at-home-parent you are the cleaner and the canteen.  Even if both are to a substandard service.



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At work you don't spend half your day convincing someone else they need to SLEEP

At work you don’t spend half your day convincing someone else they need to SLEEP


Canteen?  This is about as good as the catering gets at home ...

Canteen? This is about as good as the catering gets at home …


After work drink you say?

After work drink you say?



My top 15 baby essentials

If you’re pregnant or just had a baby you need to buy a lot of STUFF!

As a first time mum I found all the choices out there an absolute minefield – if you’re not careful you could spend your whole entire week on Amazon and the Mothercare website!

So what I thought I’d do was show you the 15 baby essentials that we couldn’t have lived without the last 4 months.

As always – if you find this blog helpful / amusing / fun / silly – please do hit the share button and tell your friends! :) x

(Please note only 1 of these items was sent to me for review, the rest was all paid for or given as gifts)


1) Huggies pure wipes – Box of 9 packs, £10.35 (Mothercare)

Before going into hospital we were told strictly ‘water and cotton wool only’.  At the time I thought this sounded impractical, and it was.  At first we used Waterwipes but soon moved onto Huggies Pure wipes.  They are so gentle on baby’s skin and also great for spills / cleaning my tables / literally anything!




2. Phillips Avent Microwave Steriliser, £26

(and Mam and Dr Brown’s bottles)

Although I am still exclusively breastfeeding – we have used this steriliser SO MUCH. For nipple shields in the early days, dummies, bottles when Ive expressed and syringes for Noah’s medicine.

It’s just 2 mins in the microwave with 200mls of water and it’s done – so easy.  No faffing which is perfect when you’re so busy.

I thought I’d tag my bottle recommendations on here as well.  The two brands we liked best are Mam (self sterilising bottles! Amazing) and Dr Brown’s.  The Dr Brown’s are anti colic which was perfect in the early days when Noah’s colic was terrible.

In the last few weeks Noah has started rejecting a bottle of expressed milk – so if anyone has any tips I’d really appreciate it!



3. Babymoov CosyDream, Approx £30

When Noah was born he was so tiny we felt he needed something to help him snuggle into his co-sleeper cot to feel comfy and safe.

We found the Babymoov CosyDream on Amazon and got two of them.  We used them in his cot, on his playmat and anywhere he was really.

We have only stopped using this at night in the last week because he looks like he is about to roll soon so it’s no longer safe.  They have been an absolute God-send though.





4. Duronic B101B Baby Monitor, £59.99 (A deal on Amazon)

Buying this really was Jay’s department, but the benefit is I’ve found it really easy to use as well (bit of a techno-phobe).  It’s wireless, colour, has night vision and great sound.  It’s dead easy to clip onto baby’s cot or anywhere you need it.  If Noah drops off in his pram I just position it somewhere near so I can still see him.





5. Lansinoh Breastmilk Storage Bags, £8.78 for 50 (on Amazon)

I love these bags for storing my breastmilk in the freezer.  They were given to me by a friend. They have a great double seal system so nothing can get in or out and they are really easy to write on.





6. Ewan The Dream Sheep, £29.95 (John Lewis)

My best friend Alex gave this to me at my Baby Shower and I swear if it hadn’t been for Ewan we wouldn’t have got ANY sleep in the early weeks.  They are fab!

Ewan glows with a lovely red heartbeat and plays a number of ‘pink’ noise sounds to remind them of the womb.

Noah now needs something a little louder to help him sleep (don’t ask) but a lot of my friends are still using Ewan for their little ones at 4 months+.




7. Crinkly Caterpillar, currently £5.60 (was £8), Early Learning Centre

This isn’t so much an essential, but definitely a favourite in our house!  Someone gave Noah this as a present when he was born and it’s his absolute favourite thing!  I think it’s because it’s so easy to grab the legs and he loves the crinkly bits.  He literally holds it and stares at it for hours!

A really good and cheap present for someone in my opinion!





8. Babymoov Cosycover, £19.99 (Babymoov website)

Right from the start we realised Noah was a baby who really needed swaddling because he flings his arms and legs around so much and wakes himself.  This swaddle was perfect and lasted from birth until very recently.

It has different sections for arm and legs and velcro to hold it all in place.

As he got older we only swaddled one arm so he could chew a fist if he wanted and we’re now trying to teach him to sleep without a swaddle!  We loved this product.





9. Dribble Stop Tops, £13.00 for pack of two (we were sent these to review)

Noah has always been a very dribble baby, lovely!  I think most babies are.  Trouble with dribble is not only do you end up having the washing machine on ALL day but their chests get very sore.

These are fab.  The Vests have an inner pocket to protect their precious skin from the moisture. They also have an extra high neckline to catch it all!  A really great invention and very reasonably priced.

I haven’t pictured Noah in the vests because he yells too much after I dress him!  Diva.




10. Phillips Avent Breastfeeding Support Set, £75 (deal in Mothercare at time of purchase)

I have LOVED this expressing kit.  It comes with a single electric pump, storage cups, a bottle, nipple shields and loads more.

I’ve just always found it comfortable and easy to use and it’s easily taken apart and sterilised too.  I haven’t had any issues with it not working as I’ve heard with some other pumps.  Totally recommend for anyone wanting to pump on occasions.






11. Lansinoh Lanolin Nipple Cream, £10.49 (Boots)

On the subject of breastfeeding – this stuff is a LIFE SAVER.

I wouldn’t use anything else on sore/cracked nipples.  It’s just a wonder product for any breastfeeding mum.  And a little bit goes a very long way






You quite simply cannot have enough muslins with a baby in the house.

My new favourite things are these giant ones from TK Maxx (think it was £9 for a pack of 3).  They are huge!  I used them when breastfeeding out and about, to shade Noah’s pram from the sun, for him to play on, to keep him warm.  And he loves the monkeys!




13. Persil Small and Mighty & Comfort Pure Softener 

This may seem like a dull thing to include but when I was pregnant I did research what sort of washing liquid and conditioner I should use for baby clothes.  I think the basic rule is it needs to be non bio.  You can buy supermarket own brands but I’ve often found these two are on offer, and there are often coupons for them in baby mags.

Noah’s sensitive skin is fine with both of these and I use them for all our stuff now.







14. Sock Ons – 2 pack, £6 (Mothercare)

baby socks don’t stay on! Ever!  I bought these the other day and they are a miracle.  I am no longer running back through a shop or restaurant to retrieve a stray sock!  Everyone should have these for bubba.





15. Snufflebabe Baby Nasal Aspirator, £8.99 (Boots)

Or the ‘snot sucker’ as I like to call it.  Minging, gross and very unglam, but totally necessary.  Babies get so snotty and bunged up and can’t breathe. I was scared of this at first and made Jay do it!  Now I use it probably three times a week!





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