Heart Radio’s Charlie O’Brien Talks To Me About Climbing the Career Ladder and Finding Mr Right


I’ve been interviewed by Paul, a fabulous dating blogger about climbing the career ladder, and finding the man of my dreams at the same time :)

Originally posted on Paul Thomas Bell:

Radio Presenter and Popular Culture blogger Charlie O’Brien holds the enviable feat of finding career success and the man of her dreams along the way. I recently caught up with the lovely woman herself to get her career tips and find out just what makes the perfect guy?

Hi Charlie, congratulations on your successful career so far, what advice would you give to anyone looking to break into the media industry?WORK EXPERIENCE, WORK EXPERIENCE, WORK EXPERIENCE! As unfair as the thought of unpaid work may seem – I think it’s the only real way into the media. You don’t really see media jobs advertised, so you need another ‘in’ to the industry. I must have done about 3 years unpaid work in total, and have to sometimes! Work experience DOESN’T mean going to sit in a radio/tv station or newspaper for a morning though and thinking you’re qualified. We…

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10 Things you don’t discover till AFTER 3 months together, Cheryl

So, big congratulations Cheryl Cole!  Unless you’ve been hiding under a big rock today (Cheryl’s is big enough to hide under actually) or maybe you live in a warm enlightened place where innate showbiz chatter bypasses your life (congratulations) you’ll know that Cheryl’s gone and married her boyfriend Jean-Bernard Fernandez Versini after just THREE MONTHS of knowing each other.


Now the purpose of this blog is not for me to judge if this is a good move or not.  I am undecided anyway.


BUT there are a LOT of things that I believe neither of them can possibly know about each other yet.  Certain scenarios they probably haven’t faced in the short space of three months.  Nasty little habits the other one may be hiding.  All things I believe that couples need to go through, and come out the other side still intact.


10 Things you don’t discover or haven’t experienced till AFTER 3 months together, Cheryl


1)      Toenails down the back of the sofa / bed.  These can be deposited by either party (it’s usually the man)

2)      That REALLY annoying noise when they eat, because they’re so comfortable in your company.  It’s SO annoying

3)      Underwear that could probably get up and walk itself to the washing machine and you suspect may have been worn for more than one day.  Either party can be guilty of this (it’s usually the man)

4)      Your man probably hasn’t witnessed proper ‘Slob Day’ yet at the Honeymoon 3 month mark.  This generally  involves a onesie or greying pyjamas,  greasy hair, granny knickers and maybe not brushing your teeth all day.  What? We’ve all done it …

5)      Man Flu – especially if you’ve dated in the summer months, there is little chance you’ve witnessed his full and complete inability to deal with a cold.  It’s fairly unattractive

6)      Tissues up the nose – related to point No.5 – but more common with Girl Flu. At 3 months it’s unlikely he’s experienced your very real need to sit in front of the telly with a Kleenex shoved up each nostril just to hold it in.  What?  We’ve all done it ….

7)      It’s unlikely either of you has had a ‘headache’ yet.  Or just not fancied it.  And been honest about it. And p*ssed the other person off

8)      Relating to point No.6 – it’s unlikely that either of you has had the embarrassment yet of untimely wind escaping during a moment of passion.  It will happen

9)      The hangover from hell probably hasn’t occurred before the 3 month mark.  I’m talking sick bucket by the bed, hanging over the loo, crying because you’re dying, yelling ‘never again’ for 8 hours and the inability to function for two days

10)   Period Pants.  Sorry boys.  ALL girls have them.  They’re old, a bit manky, frayed round the edges and not in the least bit sexy but they’re all we want to wear during that time that makes you a bit uncomfortable even though you’ve known about it since you were 12.  Yep, Period Pants don’t really make an appearance in the first 3 months, but they’re very real and WILL appear later on



Disclaimer; all of the above points may or may not have featured in my relationships past or present.  They may just be stuff I’ve heard. Yeah right ….



And The Winner Of The British BoxBag Is ……

FLORENCE CROSS! AKA @_MrsBadger_ (As drawn by Random.org) CONGRATULATIONS! YOU ARE NOW THE PROUD OWNER OF A BRITISH BOXBAG WORTH £369 Thank you so much to everyone who followed, entered, retweeted and was generally lovely! I so wish I could give away something to all of you. But keep an eye out as I will […]

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Calgel Nails – Review

CALGEL before nailsjpg

So this is my first nail review, and I’ve been lucky enough to have them done properly using a brilliant system called Calgel. Now before I get into the details, let me just tell you a a bit about my nails … (that makes me sound like such a diva!)  Well on the contrary really […]

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Don’t Call Me Skinny


I haven’t written an actual write-y talk-y blog for ages, so bear with me if I’m a bit rusty! But there is just something I need to get off my chest.  In fact it’s upset me and bugged me for years, but it was only after listening to James O’Brien on LBC today that I […]

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Win!!! A Designer British BoxBag Worth £369.00

Evening you lovely lot! I am literally so excited to be doing the first ever giveaway on my blog, and with such an incredible item. (I’m never going to be able to top this am I?!) I’ve been working on this blog for just over a year now, but only started the RealGirl beauty element […]

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Great Night Out, Freebies and Bags!

British BoxBag 2

Hello!  Really wanted to blog about the Fashionseeker Press Launch the day after I went, but you know what it’s like waiting for photos etc then just got really really busy! But here it is, better late than never – and what a fab night! So Fashionseeker is the new brainchild of the lovely Paula […]

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7 Day Review – Black Toothpaste Update!

So last Friday I told you that I was going to be reviewing Beverly Hills Formula’s Perfect Black White toothpaste  – which unlike other toothpastes is black. The black is basically charcoal which apparently is proven to help whiten teeth and has been used for centuries. So … does it work?!  A lot of you […]

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Love These Summer Lips!

GOSH lip lacquer

I’ve never tried a lip lacquer before, at least I don’t think I have! But these little beauties from the GOSH range at Superdrug are brilliant. I haven’t worn it on a night out yet, but tried it out at home and totally loved it. It’s like a cross between a lipstick and a lip […]

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Perfect Eyebrows? B. Defined Eyebrow Kit Review


Hellooo, hope you had a good weekend?!  Mine was spent with dear friends from university in Cheltenham which is lovely! Talking of uni friends leads me nicely onto today’s review, because at uni we spent hours (you have a lot of spare time on your hands!) borrowing each other’s make up, trying out new looks […]

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