Leaving Noah For The First Time

So this is really random – because I’m actually about 7 weeks late in sharing this blog!

Four hours away from the boy

Four hours away from the boy

Basically we made a little video/vlog when I left my boy for the first time.

He was 4 weeks old and I HAD to get my hair done!  We’re talking crazy dark roots and outgrown extensions.  And lots of ladies may be able to empathise because my hair actually started falling out after giving birth – so it required some urgent TLC.

What I hadn’t anticipated though was just how I would feel leaving my boy for four whole long hours.

Actually, I haven’t done it since!


So here’s a vlog about what happened – some of you may relate!

If you enjoy – please do click into our channel and hit ‘subscribe’!






10 Uses For The Humble Muslin

Ahh the humble muslin – possibly the most underwhelming and yet most useful item known to us humans with little people?

When getting ready for a baby to arrive we spend an extortionate amount on fancy prams, chairs that do everything but feed baby and gadgets and gizmos to get baby to sleep.

All of these get a fair amount of good press – but who ever bigs up the humble muslin?

It’s just a square of cloth and yet we can’t cope without them.

So in honour of the magic material – here are 10 uses for the humble muslin:





1) To mop up spillages – I’m talking ANY spillages.  Milk, poop, sick, wee, tea, coffee …. ANYTHING

2) To keep baby warm – many times when I’ve started to feed the baby and forgotten to grab a blanket for his feet I’ve just used a nearby muslin instead.  They are surprisingly warm

3) To catch tears – I’m talking baby AND mummy tears.  Yep I will admit that they’ve been used to mop up my hormonal outbursts more than once

4) They act as a make shift changing mat – out and about and forgotten a changing mat or don’t want to put baby down on a grubby surface?  Oh look, there’s the humble muslin in your bag. That’ll do

5) They make a great wee barrier – Anyone with a baby boy will know (I can’t vouch for girls) that they LOVE to free-wee the minute their nappies are off the little blighters.  Not a good scenario while balancing on a public loo changing table.  A muslin acts as a mighty wee barrier coz let’s face it, you’re better off with a wet muslin than a wet mummy

6) Paint your nails on them – yep you read that right.  If you  can’t find a magazine or tissue to put down, you can guarantee there will be a muslin or twenty lurking around

7) To cover boobies  – need to feed baby in public and don’t fancy flashing what your mama gave you to all and sundry?  Yep you guessed it – the muslin will cover you nicely

8) Acts as a sun guard – sun getting in baby’s face in the car seat or pram?  Mr muslin comes to the rescue yet again

9) Need to boil a Christmas pudding – ?!  Ok, I haven’t done this – but I imagine it would work!

10) Great as a teeny tiny beach towel – Ok I’ve not been to a beach yet either, but they are so absorbent I imagine you could dry baby with one if the need arose.  I shall try this in the summer …


There you go – my celebration of the most underrated item in your baby’s bag.

Let me know below if you can think of any other uses!



Didn't include this one - to play peepo with!

Didn’t include this one – to play peepo with!


Catch that sick

Catch that sick


Oh another one - to warm up the changing mat!

Oh another one – to warm up the changing mat!





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