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How Isla Got My Heart

Charlie and Isla
The girl that got my heart

What a day.  I should really be pouring a stiff vodka but I have the headache from hell and I also have to pick the other half and our mate Nige (from The Couple and Co) up from the train station in 45 mins.  Ah yes and the train is running late.  Just about tops off today!

So the day started in a stressful way when I took Jay’s car to work instead of mine at 4.30am.  About 10 minutes into the journey I could hear dragging, so I stopped, got out and had a good old look.  I must have been a right sight, grovelling in a pink maxi dress in the dawn light.  Couldn’t see anything.  By the time I’d driven the car the 55 miles back whatever had started to fall off on my way in HAD really made an appearance – so much so pedestrians were giving me funny looks at the racket I was making.  So car booked in for Monday (we don’t have much luck with them between us).  More expense we thought.  Not the best day.  Still these things happen.

Oh the worst was yet to come.

So Isla, the recent new love of my life hasn’t been herself the past few days.  Isla is an 8 year old Labrador by the way – who came to live with us 8 weeks ago.  And is the most adoring, loyal and caring animal I’ve ever met.  She’d been off her food, and call it female intuition- but I just knew she was depressed.  Her eyes didn’t look right. So we decided to bite the bullet and that I would pop her into the vets this afternoon for a quick once over.  Off we tootled in the car (the other one without a chunk dragging on the floor), enjoying the sunshine.  I expected him to say she was just struggling in the hot weather and to keep an eye on her.  Nope.  One look at her and the vet told me he suspected a very serious condition that needed an operation there and then.  He didn’t sugar-coat his words for me.  This was literally a case of ‘she might die’.

I dealt with all this really well.  After all ‘I am a big girl, and I will have worse to deal with in my life’ …. (that was me speaking in my head at the time).  All was fine, I even dealt with the quote of how much this would all cost like a proper grown up.  (I won’t tell you – but let’s just say another holiday won’t happen this year!)  So far, so good.  I just had to sign a consent form in reception.

And then he picked up her lead to take her away.  And that was it.  The poor darling girl tried to run to me with a panicked look on her adorable face.  The tears sprung into my eyes like a prickly rose bush.  I actually had to get a chewing gum out of my bag quickly to distract my mouth from doing that hideous thing it does when I cry!

I just about managed to get through the reception process without blubbering all over the poor lady and made a dash back to the car where I called my lovely dad and the flood gates opened.

She’s got my heart you see.  I was never really a dog fan.  I liked them OK, but had never owned one and was nervous about her coming to us.  But she’s literally changed my life.  She came at a time when I was trying to get over a tragedy in my personal life and it was like she was sent to me.  My furry angel. Someone to give unconditional cuddles and licks and love at a time when it was really needed.  And me and Jay love the evening walks together – both chewing the fat from the day.  We never used to do that.

The good news is – vet says she should be fine.  So let me just finish by sharing this adorable quote an inspirational lady called Sue just sent to me on twitter:

‘Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.’  Roger Caras


Says it all really



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How Isla Got My Heart

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