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What Is An Adventure?

my adventurous day?
My non-adventurous adventure

My acupuncture lady is one of those people I will never be like, no matter how hard I try.

(Before I go any further let me just make it clear, I’m not going all Gwyneth Paltrow on you with a diary crammed full of holistic Hollywood therapies before picking Pear and Raspberry up from school.  I’m just having a few sessions for some health problems.)

Right now that’s cleared up, let me continue.

So my acupuncture lady is one of those full of life people that only sees the positives in everything.  She voices her very strong opinions without apology and I get the feeling she doesn’t care what people think of her.  I, on the other hand have a tendency to be a pessimist.  I worry about stuff before it’s even happened and I have to remind myself on a daily basis that I am doing ok as a human being.  Sort of.

But she said something to me today that struck a chord.  It may have been at the same time she struck a very painful nerve ending in my foot with her needle.  Perhaps that’s why I remember it.

We were chatting about how important it is to love or at least like your job, as most of our day is spent there.  I agreed.   She then said that every single day is exciting and that every time we wake up we should treat the hours ahead as a brand new adventure.

So needles in place (head, arms, torso, legs and feet), the lights dimmed and a generic meditative CD playing – I then had a whole 45 minutes to ponder her words.  Can every day be an adventure?  I thought adventures were things like trekking the Great Wall of China, hot air ballooning over the Nevada Dessert or climbing Everest?  None of which I’ve done by the way.  Surely heading off to the same place of work as yesterday, coming home again, watching Eastenders, going to bed and then repeating the cycle again tomorrow can’t constitute an adventure?!

Or can it?  I guess it depends how we look at it.  My day has been fairly standard.  Got up at 3.50am (I know, I don’t like to mention it), drove 55 miles to the studio, did a radio show, had a meeting, drove 55 miles back, saw Jay my other half briefly, had a sandwich, went for acupuncture session, then back to catch up on emails and write this blog entry.   Tonight I will probably eat dinner alone, pick the boyf up from the train station, watch an episode of Homeland (don’t tell me what happens) and go to bed.

Yep, all very groundhog day.  Except there have been some little adventures hidden away in all the mundane activity – if I look hard enough.  OK, they are only adventures to me, and won’t make a jot of difference to your life – but I think maybe that’s the point – we need to look for them and realise what they mean for us.  For example today I’m a step closer to redesigning my blog site – only something small to the outside – but to me, means a lot.  I’ve had an email about an area of work I’ve never considered before but could be very exciting.  Oh and I’ve worked outside in the garden for the first time with a very hot dog next to me (as in warm canine, not processed sausage) whilst eating a strawberry split!  Oh and mustn’t forget I bought a lottery ticket – so who knows, a HUGE adventure could be about to start?!

OK, it’s no Great Wall of China right now but it’s stuff that means something to me.  So from now on I shall try and have a daily chat with my pessimist self about the exciting adventures that could lie ahead in every seemingly normal day.  And let’s face it – the Great Wall isn’t going anywhere.


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What Is An Adventure?

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