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Working With Your Other Half? What a Way to Make a Living

Us working together on The Couple and Co
Us working together on The Couple and Co

The older I get the more I realise people say things, or have opinions on things – just because they think they should.  You know what I mean – easily ‘borrowed’ popular opinions on topics that have been picked up through half understood conversations in bars with colleagues, or at dinner parties.

Off the top of my head, things like;


‘You MUST go backpacking before you’re 30 and see the world’

‘Renting a house is bad – it’s just dead money.  Buying is the only way’

‘You would just LOVE skiing – what you’ve never been? Everyone should go skiing’

‘If you’re earning more in thousands than the number of years you’ve been alive – you are doing ok’

Get the gist?  There are LOADS of them and I think sometimes we are all guilty of borrowing an opinion and banding it around, without actually giving it much thought.   I know I’ve done it and it’s only recently have I proved myself wrong on a big one;

‘You should NEVER work with your other half’

I have heard this said in conversations for years.  At work with female colleagues, during chats with friends over a glass of wine, and in those rather banal ‘filler’ conversations you have with people at functions when you’d much rather be on your sofa.

I used to agree and think that you should never work with your other half.  Or rather, I’m not sure I had actually given it much thought – it just seemed like the right opinion to have.

But I was wrong.

Because I now work with my other half, and I love it.  Before I go any further let me explain that I hate the term ‘other half’ – I just don’t know what else to call him.  Boyfriend sounds immature.  Manfriend?  Mmmmm.  Ok, other half it is.

Day- to- day I go off and do a breakfast radio show, and Jay heads off to a different location to do a drivetime radio show.  But the bits in the middle and weekends are filled with us working together on not one but two projects that we are both passionate about.  That’s part of what I love about it – the shared passion.  So often colleagues are not on the same page, and make you feel like they’d rather be anywhere than working with you, and that just doesn’t happen when your colleague is your significant other.

Then there is the honesty factor.  I’m not the best at being open and honest with colleagues.  If I don’t like something I will often let it go unsaid, and the result is many frustrated heated discussions that take place in my head but never out loud.  But if Jay says something I don’t agree with – I just tell him, and vice versa!  Yeah I may throw a little strop for five minutes, but I soon move on.  And the benefit is, when you make up you can do it with a kiss and a cuddle.  My colleagues would be on the phone to HR if I did that.

I love the fact that we are working towards a shared goal – one that you can achieve together without being competitive.  The media world really is dog- eat- dog and more often than not everyone is out for themselves.  So to be working with someone who only wants the absolute best for me and our life is a breath of fresh air.  We have personal and financial goals like any couple and by running a business together we both feel like we are contributing to the house deposit pot, or a holiday, or our future family.

Before I finish trying to convince you of the positives of working with your other half – I must just mention the best one – the romance.  I kid you not; it’s a great way of keeping your relationship alive! I’m not talking steamy encounters over the home printer (too much information and that has never happened by the way) – I’m talking about the flirty undercurrents that happen when you go out for meetings.  Seriously, it’s better than a date night.  I think it might be that thing of seeing your partner in a different light which is really attractive.  You get so used to seeing them in a domestic setting, you know – taking the bins out, scooping up the dog poop etc, that it’s kind of hot to see them in a board room, presenting an idea to important people!  And we seem to have mastered the double act – he goes in and charms the ladies and then I do the intelligent stuff …… sort of.

So next time you hear yourself say ‘Oh I could never work with my other half’ – stop and give it some thought.  It could be the best thing you ever did.

If you want to see one of the things we get up to together – head over to The Couple and Co x

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Working With Your Other Half? What a Way to Make a Living

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