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The first thing I ever published on this blog as a test was a quote from the book Shantaram ‘A dream is a place where a wish and a fear meet’.  Before I proceed and my friend Alex blows my cover – I never did finish Shantaram – it’s a beast, and hats off to you if you have!

In Barbados, probably dreaming
In Barbados, probably dreaming

But I love the quote – and wanted to start this blog entry with it, because the theme of this last week for me seems to have all been about ‘dreams’.  Having them, losing them, pursuing them, achieving them and needing them.

All week I’ve been trying to get my dreams down on paper so I can officially start chasing them.  I have a new agent and she is very organised and thorough.  It feels weird to vocalise or write down your dreams sometimes doesn’t it?  Kind of scary.  Because the whole time they’re just in your head no one can ruin them for you.  But I’m learning that in order to achieve anything you have to physically address those dreams one by one.  And you never know, one or all of them may come true.  It’s a leap of faith.

So that was Monday. Then dreams came up on Tuesday as well.  I did a spot of filming up at Heart radio HQ with a company called Dreams For Living TV.  Richard the guy in charge has based his whole career around making other peoples’ dreams come true – as well as his own.  I was filmed as a ‘talking head’ to chat about celebrities and how fame has affected them.  There you go – dreams again.  As I chatted away to the camera it dawned on me that whatever we believe about a certain celebrity, whether we think they are talented or not – they are all chasing a dream, be it fame, wealth or expertise.  We may not like them, but at least they are out there – doing their thing.

Then on Wednesday I received a message from a great blogger in America ‘Girl On The Contrary’.  She is a really talented writer and I messaged her for some blogging advice.  And I love what she said; ‘Do it for you and no one else’.  It’s so easy to worry about what others will think – especially if you are trying to achieve a dream that involves putting it out there for people to see and judge.  One of my dreams is to be a published writer one day.  At the moment it seems like a very very distant dream – but I will keep Girl On The Contrary’s words close to me.  And you should too if you’re pursuing a dream.

Thursday was a dream achieved for one of my best friends Louise.  Lou bravely upped sticks and moved to New York with her job last year.  She has a fantastic job, lives in a beautiful apartment overlooking Manhattan and travels to amazing places – which to you and me sounds like the dream life and the dream job.  But I know it’s been tough for her at times, being so far away from family and friends.  Living a dream isn’t always as straight forward as it sounds.  But Lou achieved a big dream this week – by winning an award at work for her input over the last three months.  She beat 34 other people around the world to that award – and I for one am extremely proud of her.  If she’d stayed in London and not had the courage to go find her dream life, she may never have known how talented she can be.

To finish off the week of dreams – I got an amazing tweet and text message today from my good friend Emma who looks after Kent’s Children’s University – of which I am an ambassador.  It read;

‘Emily (12 years old) has just told us: Charlie has inspired me to become a radio presenter and to make a change in my life’.  Turns out I met Emily last summer during a radio and news day and I’ve inspired her to pursue a career in the media.  Part of me wants to tell Emily to go get a proper job one day that is more stable and pays more!  But then I would be telling someone NOT to follow their dreams.

So there you have it.  I’ve been wondering what to write about this week, and it may be a bit cheesy – but I don’t care.  A bit of cheese can be good, especially on a Friday with a glass of red wine.

I will leave you then with the thought;

A dream is a place where a wish and a fear meet.’

It’s just the fear bit we need to learn to overcome


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