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Things I Want To Tell My Daughter

flowerWell it’s been quite some time since my last blog.  Not really sure why.  Think I lost my nerve a bit.  I think writing is really personal – even more so than doing a radio show every day.  And sometimes telling people your thoughts is really scary.  But one of the benefits of going on holiday as we all know is that you get time to re-focus on what you want and what makes you happy.  I’ve decided two things make me happy.  The first is being a millionaire-ess and the second is writing.  Owing to the fact that I am not and unlikely to ever be a millionaire-ess and that is simply in my head – I’d better get writing again hadn’t I?

So here goes – a blog / a collection of thoughts / my realgirlramblings – whatever you want to call it.

Sitting round the pool on holiday – two thoughts struck me.  Being a woman is HARD.  Not wanting to moan, but we definitely get a tougher deal in life than men.  Another thought then came to me as I watched a mother with her teenage girl – I really hope I am blessed with a daughter someday.  I desperately want children of my own and would like to think it will be a big part of my future. Of course I’d be happy with boys or girls but I would secretly like a daughter, and here’s why. I’d like to think that in my 31 years on this planet so far – I’ve learned a thing or two about being a girl.  And I hope I get the chance to pass on some of what I’ve learned.  Of course, I may never be blessed in this way.  If I am not – maybe I can pass my pearls of wisdom on to another girl – perhaps my soon to be God-Daughter?  Or perhaps these pearls (or more ‘clumps’ you may think) may just languish on this blog page.  Who knows?  But here goes anyway ….

Things I Want To Tell My Daughter

1)      You WILL get your heart broken.  Probably more than once.  But don’t let that stop you loving.  Learn from it.  Oh and you will probably break a heart or two. Girls can be MEAN!

2)      Reading is good for your soul.  Not enough people read these days.  There is nothing more satisfying than getting lost in the plot of a great story, and mourning it when it’s over.

3)      Chances are you’ll earn less than your male counterparts, even if you do the same job and even if you do it better.  But don’t let it make you bitter.  You will make your mark in another way.  And you can’t change the world – only your part in it.

4)      A handful of real friends is far more valuable than being popular.

5)      It’s ok to cry.  It’s not a weakness.  Just try not to do it in front of boys who aren’t worth your tears – or those male colleagues who probably earn more than you.

6)      You will hate a part of your body.  Something will be too big, too small, too flabby, or in your opinion ugly.  But it’s all you’ve got to work with.  And chances are – no one else has noticed.

7)      Make up is a girl’s best friend.  Sod ‘au naturale’ – God gave us mascara for a reason.

8)      It’s good to be kind.  Especially to people who aren’t kind to you.  It scares me that as girls we’re not encouraged to look out for other women enough.  Being mean is draining.  Being kind is just, well – nicer.

9)      Not everyone will like you.

10)   Moisturise, twice a day. My mum taught me the virtues of moisturising from a really young age.  She says you can tell a woman’s age from her hands and neck.  This is true.

11)   It doesn’t matter if your underwear doesn’t match.  It’s usually only you that sees it.  And if you do get run over by a truck – there are more important things to be worrying about to be honest.

12)   You will feel jealousy.  Of other girls, about exes, or colleagues.  It’s natural.  You’re only human.  But don’t let it consume you.

13)   Ironing is a waste of life.  Go do something else.

14)   It doesn’t matter if you don’t get straight A’s in every exam.  But do try your best, then you won’t have regrets.

15)   Having a great girlfriend is the best feeling.  If you can have a relationship with another girl that involves no jealousy, no competitiveness but fun, friendship and compassion – it will make you feel brilliant.

16)   Wear clothes that suit your body shape.  Don’t always be a slave to fashion.  I think back to my crop top wearing days – I don’t have a waist for heaven’s sake.  I now know I looked DREADFUL.

17)   You can’t choose your family – but they will be there when the sh*t hits the fan.

18)   Going to a hairdresser is not self indulgent – it’s good sense.  I’m thinking back to Wella Colour Mousse  and Sun-In in the 90’s.  Less said the better.

19)   Mums do know best.  Sometimes.  OK, most of the time.  My mum says to me ‘Charlotte – I know what you’re  thinking before you do’.  And she usually does.  Damn it.

20)   And one from my other half Jay – because  I wanted a man’s perspective – ‘we’re all different for a reason – don’t try to be the same’.


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Things I Want To Tell My Daughter

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