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Who's Feeling Crap?

A candle, hot chocolate and a picture book. Read blog to understand
A candle, hot chocolate and a picture book. Read blog to understand

Hands up then – who’s feeling crap at the moment?  I am.

A few minutes ago I was sitting on my sofa thinking ‘I feel crap’.  So I thought I may as well move to my computer and write about feeling crap and that might make me feel better?

The life coaches and psychologists among you are probably disagreeing right now – but I think I already feel better.

OK I started out the year feeling positive and full of the possibilities of new beginnings.  You have to don’t you?  Otherwise you just look like Negative Nelly in the corner, while everyone around you is gushing about resolutions, gym plans and diets they’ll never stick to.

I think it’s just January.  It’s pants.  However you try and dress it up.  It’s old, saggy, grey, been washed too many times granny PANTS.

It’s ‘ARRRGGHHH’ just laddered my tights pants.

Or just dropped your phone down the loo pants. (and you hadn’t flushed)

You know I’m not exaggerating – I mean it hasn’t stopped raining for four days.  Even Isla the dog is fed up.

So instead of trying to form some unrealistic take-over-the-world plan, or hastily book a flight to somewhere I can’t afford, I simply did this.

1) I lit a candle (mainly to block out the dog smell).

2) I made a hot chocolate (only with water coz I’m still pretending to be on a New Year diet).

3) I picked up my new book – 365 gratefuls (I have nothing sarcastic to write here as it’s actually very nice and all that).

4) I took photos of it.

See – one step at a time.  And it’s almost February


My new little picture book
My new little picture book
Even Isla is fed up
Even Isla is fed up

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Who's Feeling Crap?

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