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7 Day Review – Black Toothpaste Update!

So last Friday I told you that I was going to be reviewing Beverly Hills Formula’s Perfect Black White toothpaste  – which unlike other toothpastes is black.

The black is basically charcoal which apparently is proven to help whiten teeth and has been used for centuries.

So … does it work?!  A lot of you have been asking me about this one, I think because we all long for pearly whites AND this product is a bit different.

Well in short, yes, it does work.

But what I have found, rather than making my teeth any whiter than they were already from using other whitening toothpastes, it has just maintained the same colour for me.

And that is absolutely fine. From reading about the product on their website I thought it may make my teeth dazzling, but as I say it’s just kept them at the same level of whiteness, which I am more than happy with.

When there has been the odd week that I haven’t used a whitening toothpaste for a few days, I’ve definitely noticed them dull, so this is proof that Perfect Black White does it’s job.

It also tastes nice, and feels like a good cleansing toothpaste, as well as a whitening product.

So all in all, I’d recommend it – and you get used to it being black almost straight away!

From personal experiences (and I am clearly no dentist!) I would recommend using an electric toothbrush though.  No whitening toothpastes seem to do the same job with a normal toothbrush.

I actually feel like I want to go and brush my teeth now!


RealGirlRating: 4/5

Perfect White Black



Beverly Hills Perfect White Black RRP: 100 ml RRP £4.99


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7 Day Review – Black Toothpaste Update!

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