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Calgel Nails – Review

So this is my first nail review, and I’ve been lucky enough to have them done properly using a brilliant system called Calgel.

Now before I get into the details, let me just tell you a a bit about my nails … (that makes me sound like such a diva!)  Well on the contrary really because I haven’t had my nails done in about two years.

I used to spend a lot of time and money getting gels, Shellac, manicures etc, but then other more pressing money pressures came up in life and I decided to stop having them done.

Before we crack on then, here’s a lovely before picture!  Mmmm, chipped nail varnish, classy

CALGEL before nailsjpg



When I got offered the chance to try out Calgel so I could tell YOU about it – I jumped at the chance because I hadn’t really heard of it before and I was sold after a quick look on their website.

The thing that really appealed to me was that there is no nail damage involved.  I don’t know if you’re like me, and used to get hideous french tip extensions as a teenager?!  Remember all the filing, scraping, buffing and even drilling?!  Nooooo!

Why on earth did we do it to ourselves?  I even remember snapping one off one day, and thinking I actually needed to go to A&E I was in so much pain!  No thank you.

Anyway, I digress.

So Calgel is a one-phase system, not only better for your nails, but your time too (mine only took one hour).

It goes straight on the nail with no other faffing involved, and the finish is just gorgeous.  I’ll show you the pictures below in just a minute.

There are 120 colours to choose from – which may make life tricky if you’re indecisive because they are so good!

My technician was a lovely lady called Marie who literally knew EVERTHING about the products which I think is always really encouraging.

She gave my nails a quick shape and tidy up and then it was on to applying the gel – which Marie made look like an art!


Some of the amazing colours to choose from

CALGEL colour options


Because I am always drawn to reds and pinks I went for one from their summer collection – Pom-a-Rita.

Marie could tell I fancied a bit of glitter as well though so we went for a gold glittery nail on my ring finger of each hand, to match my gold jewellery.  So girly, I love it!

The whole thing was so so straight forward.  Marie applied a couple of coats, and I had my nails in and out of the UV lamp a few times, and to be honest, that was it!

CALGEL in uv lamp


CALGEL lampjpg


CALGEL charlie 1_Snapseed


CALGEL charlie 2


And here are the finished results!  I’ve only taken pictures of one hand, as I was holding the camera with the other, but hopefully you really get the idea!

CALGEL nails 1jpg


CALGEL nails 2


Love them!  I honestly can’t stop looking at them, they are so glossy, smooth and shiny.  And I love love the gold nail!  Always good to have a bit of bling in your life I think.

They last about three weeks, when I have the option to go back to a salon and have them filled in and maintained, or soaked off which is apparently really easy.

I will DEFINITELY be having these again 🙂

Calgel RRP from any certified salon: £25.00+

To find your nearest Calgel salon call: 0845 230 1087

RealGirl Rating: 5/5




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  1. Do you /technician apply sun screen to your hands before using the UV lamp? Particularly if going to be a regular event.

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Calgel Nails – Review

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