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Great Night Out, Freebies and Bags!

Hello!  Really wanted to blog about the Fashionseeker Press Launch the day after I went, but you know what it’s like waiting for photos etc then just got really really busy!

But here it is, better late than never – and what a fab night!

So Fashionseeker is the new brainchild of the lovely Paula Fry who I met through Twitter.

Paula goes by the twitter handle @loveisboutique which WAS her gorgeous designer boutique in Tunbridge Wells and is now one of her online businesses.  Fashionseeker (the reason for this glam party) is an amazing website that allows you to search for dress agencies, vintage shops, boutiques, jewellers and online fashion stores.  It even allows you to search for a certain item in a particular size.

On the red carpet with Paula



So if you die for Dior and can’t get enough of Chanel – you’ll just love it.

The party was at the Strand Gallery in London and it was just so nice to be out for the evening.  I know that makes me sound like an old Granny, but I rarely do it during the week now because I’m up at Stupid O’Clock the next day! When I first started doing the Breakfast Show I was regularly out and about doing fun stuff at night, but trust me, the 3.45am alarm calls gradually wear you down …. zzzzzzzzzz SEE?!  I even nod off at the keyboard 😉

But anyway, I was there with my friend Alex, it was a beautiful balmy evening and just a lovely event.

The cocktails were flowing and the hairdryers were blowing – no really!  Blow Ltd were there treating ladies to a luxurious blow dry – you know the sort that you just CANNOT do yourself?!  I didn’t have one as I’d just done my hair but it was very tempting.

We also left the night with a brilliant goodie bag crammed full of beauty items – Skinny Tan 7 Day Tanner and mitt, Umberto Giannini Glam Hair Hot Styler Spray, Beverly Hills Formula Perfect White Black (read my existing review of this here), Halo Deodorant Wipes, FTN Repair and Renew drink, Portlebay Popcorn and a Story bracelet.


Inside the goodie bag

IMG_3148 copy


And I must just mention my amazing bag from The British BoxBag co.  I felt like a Princess leaving the party with one of these 🙂

The concept is simple, yet so brilliant I can’t believe no one’s done it before.  The bag comes in TWO parts – the inside box and the carrier.  So the idea is you’ll never accidentally leave your favourite lipstick, or more importantly your car keys in your other handbag when you rush in and out of the house and change bags, because quite simply you lift the box compartment out and just pop it into another bag!  Genius!  It’s all explained here

They just the right size – big enough for all the stuff us girls need – ipads, phones, water, make up – but not so big you get back ache!

And they look gorgeous – mine is part of the Cheetah range.


My gorgeous British BoxBag

IMG_3139 copy



IMG_3143 copy



With my British Boxbag




On the red carpet with my good friend, Alex




Just love it!


Thanks for a great night Fashionseeker! x



Red carpet photos courtesy of Chio Photography

Product photos, RealGirlRamblings copyright 2014.

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Great Night Out, Freebies and Bags!

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