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Pesky Pregnancy Skin

If you believe all the beautiful (but unreal) women that adorn the front of pregnancy vitamin packets, maternity wear adverts and any advertising for pregnancy products in general, you’re liable to believe that pregnancy brings with it glowing hair, skin, pearly white teeth, perfect neat bumps etc etc …

WRONG! (In my case anyway)

I’ve generally felt quite unattractive since I found out I was pregnant, and there have been a number of occasions where poor Jay’s had to endure my hormonal tears, worrying that he may not find me attractive anymore!  I’ve since decided to stop worrying about that because a) quite frankly it’s exhausting  and b) any man that’s put off by some spots isn’t worth being with.  And I don’t think he could care less anyway!

The main problem has been my skin.  Up until about three years ago I had flawless skin, which I totally took for granted.  Then hormonal changes led to outbreaks of adult acne, which I felt very unnecessary and inconvenient considering I’d escaped all these years without so much as a spot.  Cheers hormones.

But in pregnancy it’s seemed to get out of control.  I was put on strong steroids from week 4 and stayed on them until week 18.  I’m also still on Progesterone – which I’m convinced has a part to play in it (ladies we all know that the Pill can do crazy things to our skin, so I reckon this is no different.)

I started getting spots and lumps on my forehead which I hadn’t really ever had before, which was kindly pointed out to me by someone (there’s always one) which DIDN’T help my confidence AT ALL. Thanks.

Over the weeks, they then graduated to my cheeks and chin.  Luverly.

Oh and before I forget, I’ve had crazy ass stuff going on, on my legs!  You know those annoying little bumps lots of us get on the tops of our arms?  Well suddenly that started developing all over my legs!  Charming.  I’ve since researched and found out it’s something called KERATOSIS PILARIS – pesky and annoying and there is no cure.  It meant I’ve gone for the whole hot summer without getting my legs out once 🙁  as shaving made them a whole lot worse.

I also read that Keratosis Pilaris generally gets worse in pregnancy and breastfeeding – as if we don’t have enough to deal with.

So here ARE some of the ways I’ve been trying to deal with it all – for you if you’re pregnant and suffering the same skin fate, or indeed if you’re not pregnant but also stumbled across this here blog.


COCONUT OIL – £6 A JAR, yes the stuff you cook with!

So in recent years we’ve all read about the wonder that is virgin coconut oil.  You can fry with it, bake with it, give it to your dog, hell you can even slather it all over your body as I’ve discovered.

During my google trawling for magical cures for Keratosis Pilaris – I came across one blog that mentioned coconut oil as something that worked for her.  So I was straight down to the kitchen and straight into the shower!

And I’ve gotta say – there’s a noticeable difference in my legs in about 3 weeks! Hurrah!  It’s not completely gone, but it’s calmed down a lot.  And I’m looking less and less like a plucked chicken.

I’ve also taken to slapping it on my face, because it apparently helps acne, too, despite being an oil.  And it’s only £6 a jar. And you can eat it.  Fun for all the family.

Only one thing to watch out for – slipperiness.  Jay almost broke his neck on Day 1 because it makes your shower so slippery!  On the plus side, it makes it nice and clean though!  It truly is a wonder product …


Coconut Oil




So I know that a lot of women swear by facials for many reasons, but I’ve been scared of them since one made me break out in spots so badly a few years ago, that I almost reckon it kick started my skin problems.

Anyway, after I moaned on twitter about my skin, the lovely ladies at No.6 Clinic in the Wells offered me some treatments to help me out.  Must say, I was hesitant after my previous experience, but was persuaded to give it a go, because they specialise in tailored advanced treatments.

And 4 days after seeing them – I’ve got to tell you that I’ve had not one, not three but FIVE compliments about my skin!

I can honestly say – the only other thing that’s been said to me since I’ve been preggers is ‘you look tired’.  Which really means ‘you look like a bag of …..’

So off I popped to the clinic hidden away in a little mews and met the lovely Beth who looked after me.  She really was lovely and answered every single one of my paranoid questions with patience!

No6 clinic 1

Here’s what I had done;

– First up was a cleansing Vitamin C scrub to remove anything blocking my pores.  Beth then used Dermaquest B5 Serum to hydrate my skin which was much needed.

– Then I was prepped for the Revive light therapy – something I’ve never even thought to try.  First of all Beth covered my eyes with cotton wool pads, then goggles and I was placed under the light for about half an hour.  It uses red LED lights to treat acne, any ageing lines, skin that needs rejuvenating and the healing of wounds.  The machine is placed really close to your face so the lights can work their magic.  At first this freaked me out a little, as I can be a bit claustro – but as soon as Beth started a foot massage, I was in relaxation heaven and almost fell asleep!

no6 clinic 2


– Step 3 was a clearing mask after the light treatment, followed by a Vitamin B5 Serum, Coffee Berry Eye Cream, a moisturiser and then finished off with the nicest smelling SPF ever, to protect my skin from the sun after the treatments.

I left the clinic feeling light as a feather, so relaxed with my skin feeling plumper, firmer and much more loved.

Beth warned me that I’d have a few new spots in reaction to it all, which I have – but I’m serious about the compliments!  I even got told that I looked glowing, by a man!! My skin definitely looks brighter, firmer and just generally happier.

Beth recommends that if you want light therapy – it can be done every 6 to 8 weeks in keeping with your cell renewal.

The light treatment itself if £60 and a Vitamin C facial £60 – but they offer 30% off for a combined treatment.

I will DEFINITELY be going back.

Click here for all the clinic’s details

Oh and all of that is of course, totally safe for pregnant people like myself.  Their staff were very attentive when it came to answering questions, which is always very reassuring 🙂






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  1. Its so fascinating what happens to thw body during oregnancy. I was warned about potential teeth issues and brushed it off but I was in the dentist chair weeks later! Its like everything shuts down to make sure all energy goes to looking after baby. 🙂 its a positive I think. Ps. I absolutely LOVE coconut oil! X

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Pesky Pregnancy Skin

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