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Hi friends,

I don’t usually even consider entering my little blog for awards, but for some reason (blame sleep deprivation) I’ve decided to throw my hat (or blog) into the ring for a prestigious award.

I’ll never win it in a million years because there are some really big and successful blogs out there, but I’d love to maybe just get it noticed a little bit so I can start to grow and develop and hopefully make this a full time gig eventually.

So – if you’ve enjoyed anything I’ve written – I’d LOVE you to vote for me.

I’ve put myself forward in the ‘INSPIRE’ category – as people have kindly told them some of my writing has inspired them.

Here are the steps to follow in a series of screen grabs and instructions –  if you’re kind enough to take 2 mins out of your day to vote

Firstly – click here for the voting page – it should look like this:


Scroll down the page to click the nominate button


You have to add your name etc, if that’s ok!


Then SCROLL DOWN TO NUMBER 6. INSPIRE CATEGORY – fill out these couple of lines about my blog – I’ve included most of the info here for you to copy



Some urls from my most popular blogs that you may want to include:

or any others you’ve liked


and then just hit submit/vote at the bottom!

I’ve left it a bit late and closing date is 12th April – so get voting 🙂

And thank you so so much


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  1. Hi Charlie,

    Hope you’re all keeping well. Just voted for your blog. Good luck.

    Love Deb


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