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A cause close to my heart

If you’re a regular reader of my blog – you’ll know that I’ve been open and honest about our previous heartbreaks before having Noah.

This included losing two pregnancies to missed miscarriages and a very difficult journey of unexplained secondary infertility.

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During our very difficult two years I turned to the internet a lot to try and find answers.  Not only that but I needed help with my grief.  One of the wesbites I regularly looked at was Tommy’s – an amazing charity who fund research into stillbirth, premature birth and miscarriage.

So when Bluewater and Tommy’s asked if I’d support their fabulous Baby Race on Sunday 7th June – I didn’t have to think twice about getting involved.

Despite Bluewater being my second home – this will be the first time I’m taking part.

It’s 8k around Bluewater’s beautiful lakes and scenery (have you ever stopped to check out the amazing views in between shopping?!) and it sounds like it’s just a great morning of fun! You can do it with your pram, or without if you prefer!

I’ll definitely be pushing Noah in his pram – he loves a bit of off-roading so hopefully he’ll be asleep the whole way!

Here is the link to sign up – there is a £10 sign up fee and ideally Tommy’s ask that everyone tries to raise £50.  So get joining, get fundraising and come and join me on Sunday 7th June!  I can’t wait


Ps if you’d like to sponsor me – please CLICK HERE

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3 Responses to A cause close to my heart

  1. Im so lucky to have have five good pregnancies and births, and for this reason I have taken park in the race for the past couple of years and will be doing so this year.
    It’s a great race for a great cause. I will keep my eye out for you there xx

  2. I have had five great pregnancies and births and it’s for that reason I have taken part in this race for the past few years.
    I am very grateful and realise not everyone is a lucky as me.
    I will be taking part again this year so I will keep an eye out for you X

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A cause close to my heart

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