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The best birthday yet

So today I’ve turned the grand old age of thirty, thirty, erm thirty – something!

And whilst it’s been fairly low key, it’s been by far the best of my life – because it’s my first as a mama.

Last year I was pregnant with Noah and soooo excited at the prospect of spending the next one with my baby – and I can’t believe how quickly the year has flown.

My first present today was waking up to feed Noah at 5.30am but realising it was the first time he had woken me all night.  For us that is AMAZING! Especially recently.  For me, 5.30am is a huge lie in.

My boys then made me feel very special with cuddles and chats in bed followed by presents and cards in the living room.

They got me a few bits including a BEAUTIFUL gold necklace which has three rings with all our names on.  I love it.

Oh and I cried at my card from Noah – especially as he’d scribbled in it himself!  So bloomin cute.







We then went to Bluewater for brunch at Giraffe.  I love it in there as they do an amazing veggie brunch, so yummy.




I also made (another) trip to Zara to take some bits back.  Erm, may have bought a couple of new things too including a gorgeous black dress.  It is my birthday after all.

The rest of the day has been fairly chilled.  My cousin Vicki who lives two minutes away popped over with her gorgeous daughter Emilia, who also happens to be my God-daughter.  They bought me some beautiful flowers.  I love having flowers in the house.




Tonight I imagine will just be dinner and bed for me (might treat myself to a glass of prosecco) and I think Jay will be back in his office working, as we’ve got a lot on at the moment.

But on Saturday my boys are taking me somewhere special for a late lunch apparently, and then in the evening I’m meeting a load of the Channel Mum vloggers in London for dinner, which will be lovely.

It’s funny isn’t it?  As you get older the birthdays get less wild but all the more special.

Two birthdays ago, being a mum seemed like such an impossibility.  So today I’ve been counting my blessings and loving the fact that I’ve found my happy place.

We are also working on a vlog for the weekend – so keep your eyes peeled.

Thank you for all the kind birthday wishes.











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  1. Charlie looks like you had such a wonderful birthday. I was doing a Christmas wish list yesterday and saw a necklace like this and actually put in on a wish list I love it. I totally agree they get more special as we get older. Happy birthday again lovely. Can’t wait to meet up on Saturday xx

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The best birthday yet

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