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It started with a tweet


Weddings are very much on my mind at the moment.

Well, not weddings in general – but MY wedding in particular.

Or should I say OURS? Jay gets really annoyed when I say ‘my wedding’ or ‘my baby’!  I don’t mean it, honest.

But I’ve also been thinking about perhaps doing some wedding blogging in the new year – maybe not a picture of my dress ha, but details about planning and the vibe etc.  We get married next summer so I’ll definitely be feeling the whole wedding thing.

So I thought I’d start by doing a little blog about how Jay and I met.  Hope it’s not too cringey?!  I personally LOVE hearing how couples met.  It’s one of my favourite things.  (I am a ridiculously nosy person!)

So here’s our love story!

It was March 2012.  I was single after splitting with someone in the January.  I was doing the single thing – living in a house share and going on nights out and spending every Sunday with a stinking hangover.

I’d vowed off men forever after getting my heart broken but secretly hoped that ‘the one’ was out there.

Then one morning, whilst doing my breakfast radio show – I got a tweet from Jk, who was also working on a brekkie radio show.  It simply said “Hey fellow early bird!”

I think it was flirting?  It’s hard to tell with Jay, he doesn’t exactly wear his heart on his sleeve!

I told my colleagues who warned me off him because he was married.  But always one with my eye on the Daily Mail showbiz app (don’t judge me) I knew that he was in fact recently separated.

I was still cautious though – I really didn’t want to be someone’s rebound girl.


One of our first dates!
One of our first dates! Still annoyed the lion didn’t turn around for the camera …



We tweeted back and forth for a while about being tired doing a breakfast show, and eventually Jay private messaged me and asked for my phone number!  Cheeky.  I must have been excited, because it was almost four years ago but I remember I was in Miss Selfridge in Bluewater at the time!

Texts turned to phone calls, and fairly quickly we were chatting on the phone every night as Jay made long journeys around London and the South Coast – commuting between seeing his step son, and his job in Fareham.

One night during one of our chats Jay said it was ridiculous that we hadn’t met in person, and suggested a ‘date’ that Friday in London.  He was already up there seeing his agent, and I lived very close – what was there to lose?

I have never been so nervous.

I honestly felt that I already had strong feelings for him – someone that I’d never met.  How was that even possible?  I desperately wanted us to have the same chemistry in person.

I remember everything.

I wore pink jeans, a white top and beige massive heels.  In hindsight, a bad idea as I was taller than Jay haha!

It was a really really warm March.  We met in a little side street just off Regent’s Street and had a large glass of wine sitting outside.  We then had dinner at the Living Room (which is now annoyingly gone!) I had a risotto and Jay had a thai beef salad. Seriously chaps – you only remember the details if you really like someone.


One of our first pictures together - an amazing weekend away with friends
One of our first pictures together – an amazing weekend away with friends (and the same pink jeans!)



After A LOT more drinks – Jay convinced me somehow to go to Strawberry Moons (a cheesy nightclub where I’d spent many a drunken night) and this one wasn’t any different.  We danced, did shots, and had the best time.

And quite simply – the rest is history.

We did loads of fun ‘dates’ in the beginning.  We had a private day out at a big cat sanctuary, we hung out on the beautiful south coast and had loads of lovely dinners and lazy DVD nights.

After three months we moved in together – a risk some would say, but I knew it was the right decision.

Parts weren’t always easy. We’ve had to get through a divorce, some hard times and two miscarriages – but I really believe it’s the tough bits that make you stronger as a couple.

But as soon he could – Jay proposed to me in Cornwall, when I was about 20 weeks pregnant with Noah.  I’ve never been so happy.

I’m eternally grateful that Jay tweeted me, and that I responded and didn’t just brush him off as a weirdo!  I’m glad we went on that amazing first date, and that we bit the bullet and moved in together so quickly.

Thanks twitter –  I never thought social media would help me meet the love of my life



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  1. What an amazing love story. Gives hope that there is someone out there for everyone myself included.
    Maybe one day I’ll be just as lucky till then all my attention on my 3 year old (soon to be 4 year old) and my law degree. Thank you for giving me hope. 🙂

  2. Aww what a beautiful story. They say that everything comes to those who wait. Glad it’s all worked out for you. I met my now hubby on line, he moved in after 6 months this is now our 8th Christmas, 2 1/2 years married 1 beautiful 1 year old. We’ve also not had an ways time what with one thing then another, we had a miscarriage in September but it’s made us stronger. I’m so happy for you that it’s all worked out. Xx

    • So so sorry about your miscarriage – i promise you the pain does start to ease xxx Lovely to read your happy love story though. Hope everything else works out for you xx

  3. I do hope he realises how lucky he was that you didn’t just ignore him!!! I think it is a wonderful tale, especially as it proves that Social Media can help…it’s pretty much how I met my husband in it’s early days (we’ve been married since 2002!!)

  4. A happy story. Hadn’t realized there were some sad moments as well. Will have to start tweeting and see if I can find love. Single for too long. Not far off from 40! xx

  5. I meet my husband on a dating web site after a friend had dared me to go on there. He was in the navy and we started chatting. 13 years later a wedding and 2 kids later we are still as happy.

    What a great love story you guys have a it goes to show how you should follow your heart. Have fun with all the wedding planning I loved it ?

    • See – and people dismiss websites and social media! So many happy stories being shared with me tonight! Love this one xx

  6. I have social media to thank for getting back in touch with my teenage sweetheart… We got back in touch in 2011 after more than twenty years apart and after that first hello do you remember me, there hasn’t been a single day we haven’t spoken to each other and after three and a half happy years together (even through some really tough time) we got married five months ago 🙂 never say never… The one is waiting out there for just the right time x

  7. Ahh Charlie, you are each other’s lobsters! Was obviously meant to be! I met my fiancé in 2012 as well, had our little girl in March this year and also getting married in March next year, as well as arranging my other halfs 40th birthday in Feb! So many milestones in such a short space of time! Would love to hear more about your wedding!

    • OMG that is all so similar to us! Babies similar times, weddings the same year and I arranged Jay’s 40th last year! Yes, I will do some wedding blogs next year. How’s your planning going?! x

      • I’m loving it but finding it hard with Emily! I had an illustrator make an original picture of the three of us and our two cats for our invites, they went out today! Three months to go, just need to find a make up artist and then pretty much there. Will follow your wedding progress with a vested interest! #bridestobe! Eek!

  8. Hi what a lovely story.

    I too met my hubby via social media about 19 years ago in an Internet chat room, it was long before Facebook and Twitter!

    We chatted by typing, then moved to phone calls and then decided to meet. He lived in Kent and I in Edinburgh!

    I ended up moving down to Kent to move in with him after only meeting 4 times face to face. We both knew how we felt about each other so it was the right thing to do.

    Everyone thought I was mad, as this was the days when very few people had the internet at home and there was no such thing as Internet dating etc.

    But here we are 19 years later and still together.

    I hope you continue to be as happy together as my hubby and I are x

  9. I LOVE this story……

    It made me think on my own which, as it happens, properly started 14yrs ago TODAY!! We met online, met in person a month later and got engaged 3 WEEKS after that – 9 maths later we were married in my Dads church and the rest (including moving half way round the world twice and the Births of 3 Winchettes) is history!

    I think your story is perfect and the hard bits just add to its amazingness….

  10. Aww was reading your wedding planning post and this popped up at the bottom so had to have a read. Me and my boyfriend met the same way he sent cheeky tweet and for some reason I responded and realised he wasn’t a weirdo. Good luck on your wedding planning

    • Hi Lyndsey … aww that’s funny! I love that you said you realised he wasn’t a weirdo – that made me laugh! C xxx

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It started with a tweet

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