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Let’s get comfortable ladies! #win


When I got asked to write a post about intimate feminine health I was a bit like “erm, that’s kind of embarrassing – I can’t do that!” Snigger snigger.

Then I thought – “grow up Charlotte, you’re a mother now”.

The whole idea of my blog is to be really honest – and I think you lovely lot who take the time to read my blogs appreciate my ‘realness’ – if that is even a word?!

(Randomly there is a Canesten advert on TV right now, weird)

Anyway – the last time I had issues in that area, was when I was preggers with Noah.

I had a suspected water infection so my consultant bunged me straight on antibiotics.  And EVERY time I take antibiotics I then get Thrush. Ugh, it’s the WORST isn’t it?  But every time I’m able to pop to the chemist and get some Canesten which is quite frankly a bloody life saver. (Do check with the doc etc if you’re pregnant.)

Like so many important things though – we don’t really talk about it though do we?

I have actually discussed nasty things like Thrush and BV (more info about BV here) with my mum and friends in the past.  There have been nights out for example where one of us is in pain, uncomfy and fed up – and it’s really helped to talk.

But another thing about this whole feminine hygiene / issues malarky is that you don’t always know what to do for the best do you?  That’s where Canesten come in. They’ve got a load of products I didn’t even know about – like wipes, a wash and a mousse.  Because shower gel is generally quite bad to use in that area (I really don’t know what else to call it in a blog? Lady garden? Woo woo?! You KNOW  what I mean!)

They’ve also got a tonne of info over on their brilliant website – including helpful information about BV symptoms.

Phew – what a relief that these days we don’t have to sit at home and be stupidly uncomfy and embarrassed and we can just pop online and find out loads of friendly helpful info eh?

So ladies – let’s get comfortable.  Literally – itching is a bi*ch.  And let’s get comfortable about talking about this stuff.

To thank you for being comfortable enough to read to the bottom of this blog – I have a £50 John Lewis voucher for one person to win. Just enter below!  Good luck 🙂

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41 Responses to Let’s get comfortable ladies! #win

  1. I used to find it hard when I was younger … but now I’m older, wiser and more confident that I am quite happy to talk to anyone about anything … include feminine health! x x

  2. Hey, since being pregnant I’ve lost all dignity so I regularly discuss feminine issues with my hubby, family, friends and even work colleagues lol. No problem haha. Tasha xx

  3. With certain people I do, however I openly discuss it with my partner and a couple of close friends! Haven’t had any issues with thrush or BV for years though luckily!

  4. I think once you’ve had a baby – dignity is no more! Discuss openly to husband and close friends but not sure I’d start a conversation with a stranger about it! Lol
    Love your posts!! Xx

  5. Not difficult at all…..but then I can’t avoid conversation about “Girly bits” in my house being the Mum of 3 Girls!!
    Better to be open & honest and actually deal with any problems than suffer in silence due to being too embarrassed!!

  6. I do try to be open and honest but sometimes I worry that it is not the right time or place to be discussing it. However, I have great family and friends that I know I can discuss these issues with.

  7. I personally don’t find it hard to talk about but you can gauge who does and who doesn’t pretty easily! I have friends who i would discuss with and others I wouldn’t as they wouldn’t feel comfy with it so that’s fine! Each to their own! Thrush, piles etc it’s all part of pregnancy ? yuk!

  8. I find it really awkward to discuss but I think that’s because it was never discussed with me growing up. Periods, sex, ‘lady bits’ were always a taboo subject and sadly now it still is for me ?

  9. I used to find it hard to talk about when I was younger but now I’m older, wiser and have had a baby I can talk about anything!

  10. Brilliant little piece Charlie but why do we have trouble with the word. . . . . . Vagina. I even nearly spelt it incorrectly as I just never use the word! A problem shared is always dealt with more efficiently, so again. Fab article!

  11. Currently pregnant with first baby and have dramatically became more comfortable talking about feminine health over the past 7 months!

  12. It’s so nice to have someone talk about stuff that some of us ladies can get on a regular basis. Always used to be so hush hush and not to be discussed at the table. Well not these days so well done Charlie. You should be proud of yourself xxxx

  13. My used to find it a bit embarrassing to take about but the older you get the easier it is to talk about 🙂 it nice to see real people talk about real issues , well done Charlie again another great piece 🙂

  14. It’s not uncomfortable with friends, family and medical professionals. It isn’t a subject I would raise with strangers or work colleagues though.

  15. For me it depends on who I am talking to as with some I can be completely open and not embarrassed at all but with others I wouldn’t even dream of discussing things like feminine hygene with them lol.

  16. I never have a problem with discussing women’s hygiene . We’ve all suffered at some point , always approach the conversation with light hearted humour . Always a winner !! ☺

  17. I would discuss it with close friends. I have no problems discussing my 2 very difficult births with some restrictions, like if I am talking to someone who hasn’t given birth but may in the future or already pregnant ladies, as wouldn’t want to put them off or scare them. As my daughter gets older and we have already had discussions about her “girly bits” as she calls them then I won’t hesitate to discuss things with her. Better to be open and honest then for them to get completely the wrong idea….

  18. Before I had children I wouldn’t discuss anything but now anything goes. The other day at work us girlies were talking about everything periods (how they have changed since kids), how trampolines are now a no go and urine infections ?

  19. I think it can be difficult, it depends on who you are talking about it with. My doctor, and health professionals, fine. My mum and sister, and close friends, fine too. My teenage daughters, not fine! Even though I have brought them up being open and honest about everything, they are both like, mum, can we not talk about this!! I remember I found it embarrassing at their age, and that it changes once you have a baby! After that all bets are off lol and you’ll disuse anything with anyone! Good piece Charlie x

  20. Thanks for the honestly, we are very lucky to live in an age in which women can chat about these things openly and in a way where most people have access to (eg Internet and blogging) I can imagine how embarrassed I would have been 50 years ago!!

  21. Yes I do find it difficult, even at the age of very nearly 40 and I am a mum, still something I find hard to discuss so thank you as always for your refreshingly honest and open posts x

  22. I think I used to find it uncomfortable when I was young but now would happily chat openly to anyone else who is happy to discuss! When I had a car accident and the paramedics were cutting my clothes off your dignity goes out the window and the best thing was to relax and go with it! Now I’ve had a baby it’s all up for discusson and weirdly its always my work colleagues that would chat most intimately!

  23. I do find this a little hard to discuss even after having two children and CIN3 but if I need any advice I can always rely on one of my sisters and friends.

  24. I really don’t worry about talking through these kind of things with my girlie friends in fact we discuss what helps relieves symptoms etc. No ones judges anyone. I had thrush for the first time at 16 OMG horrendous I wanted to rip my bits off but after a trip to the doctor. I was prescribed the canesten cream and tablet and all was well and balanced again. I always keep some in the first aid cupboard now 🙂

  25. I use to when I was younger but now that I’m older most definately not. You can often find us in the staffroom talking about this over a cuppa and a biscuit.
    As always Charlie your blog made me chuckle ?

  26. I was definitely a bit more reserved before I got pregnant, now my dignitys out the window! Love reading about you and Noah, so nice to read something so honest x

  27. It is embarrassing but as you get older you realise most others people experience it too. After suffering for ages with it and it kept recurring, I was then given canesten tablets to take for 3 months which finally cleared it up. That was about 3 years ago and not had since.

  28. Once you have children and your bits have been seen by everyone and anyone and then your bobs to. You can discuss anything without embarrassmentioning lol great blog x

  29. Agree with the other comments….once you have a baby anything goes! With something like thrush I don’t know any girl who hasn’t had it – it’s good to talk about it and find out what actually works to help clear it up. Great blog Chatlie!

  30. I don’t find it difficult to discuss. As some of the other posts have said, after having a baby, there is little that hasn’t been examined or talked about! Something like thrush is so common and can be caused by so many different things that no one should be embarrassed to talk about it. Sharing experiences with other females generally only serves to help. Thank God for Canesten too! Xx

  31. To be honest as per many of the above comments since having my son I am not prudish at all. Maybe if feminine health was discussed more often then there would be more research and awareness.

  32. That new indicator from canesten is going to make things a whole lot easier and more discreet for people! I can talk about this to a couple of close friends, but certainly not many!

  33. I regularly talk to my hubby regarding intimate issues but i wont discuss it with anyone else. To me its private so i like to keep things between us two only. Although i would love to have the confidence to talk to other people. X

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Let’s get comfortable ladies! #win

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