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Why we won’t be carrying on with weekly vlogs


So I guess this post is just really for fellow vloggers and the few of you who watch our vlogs!

Firstly – if that’s you – THANK YOU SO SO MUCH.

So after 7 weekly episodes, Jay and I had a big chat and decided that weekly vlogging just isn’t for us.  Here are our main reasons;

  1. Time – Jay works at Heart radio.  They pay our bills and that’s where he is 6 days a week.  On top of that Jay works all hours at home running his own production business and another little venture he’s been working very hard on.  I blog on and off and do a few other bits. We vlog for the brilliant Channel Mum.  We found when we threw a weekly vlog into the mix as well – time that should have been spent as a family, making memories with Noah was spent editing them instead.  Why can’t I edit I hear some of you ask?  I could …. Many moons ago I was actually trained to video edit in various news jobs.  I could do a clunky job, but Jay, being the professional would never forgive me.  It would break us.  You think I’m kidding?!
  2. We are boring – Seriously, our lives are D U L L.  There’s only so much I can video me at home with Noah, playing with the spatula again.  And Jay walking the dog.  The more showbiz bits, like Jay live on air and interviewing slebs – we aren’t allowed to film.
  3. We are too long in the tooth – We’ve come to realise that youtube is predominantly a ‘young-er’ persons game.  We don’t really feel like we fit!  That’s not to say there isn’t a gap in the market for vloggers who aren’t 22.  Absolutely there is.  Perhaps it’s just not us.
  4. We don’t do the sort of content people want to see – ‘What’s in my changing bag’, and shopping hauls, just ain’t us. I only ever shop in Zara, and Jay still wears clothes from 1999.  But it’s those videos that seem to get the big hits.  Along with funny dogs/cats/babies/parrots etc.  Our dog just lays down all day, dammit.
  5. When we do vlog we want to make it GREAT – we are still absolutely going to vlog, just not weekly. Hopefully this means when we do turn something out it will be worth seeing, and not D U L L spatula play again.

So that’s it – just felt like putting pen to paper about it!

I’m hoping that 2016 will be full of new work opportunities for me.  I am desperately missing working in a live broadcasting environment, so I want to focus more on that.  But it’s a TOUGH old game, and being out of it having a baby for a few months can make you feel like you’ve been tossed on the scrap heap.  But still – fingers crossed.

Hats off to you vloggers who manage it week in, week out, showing us your lovely lives and families.  And as for daily vlogs – wow I SALUTE you people!

Maybe one day we’ll fit it all in and find our niche –  just not right now.

Happy vlogging comrades – see you on the ‘tube (when we actually manage to show up!)




(but you know if you DID fancy stopping by our channel – click here!)


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5 Responses to Why we won’t be carrying on with weekly vlogs

  1. Ah I love your weekly videos but I can understand why you want to stop. I am doing a daily vlog throughout December and it is completely different go the normal videos I do, which are a bit more arty and set to music. Firstly I feel so dull, my life is the same every day and it really isn’t exciting at all. I’m bored editing them so god knows what people are like watching them. And secondly I also feel a little old and like I don’t really have a niche. Will still tune in to every video you make. X

    • ahh thanks Katie – that’s a huge compliment coming from such a pro like you! I guess with all blogs and vlogs we are always going to think ‘why on earth would anyone want to watch/read this?!’ it’s a symptom of what we do! Your vlogs are always excting and jam packed. I think perhaps when Noah is a little older I might have more material?! Anyway you’re pregnant – which is the most exciting/interesting thing to talk about! I’m obsessed with watching bumps grow! 🙂 xx

  2. I have always enjoyed your Vlogs but life is for living and time waits for no man, so enjoy every special moment together and may the new year bring you new ventures, love, health and much happiness! Thanks guys! X

  3. I haven’t had the pleasure of watching your Vlogs yet but as someone who has such limited time too (don’t we all?!) I can completely understand why you made the decision. Saying ‘no’ or giving something up can be difficult but family time is so so important and is something you will never be able to get back. So good choice. Looking forward to reading more of your blog 🙂

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Why we won’t be carrying on with weekly vlogs

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