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Looking ahead to 2016



I didn’t really blog over Christmas apart from this one (click on the link) – but I figure I am just not one of those bloggers.  I don’t think anyone would really be interested in what I got for Christmas, what we ate for Christmas or what I wore over Christmas!  It’s pretty much the same year in year out, right?!

OK – this year was slightly different for us because it was our first Christmas as parents, which was so special.

As for New Year – we spent it up in the Midlands with Jay’s family.  It was lovely to see Noah interacting with his six cousins.  The two nights in a dingy Travelodge were less fun!




I have never been one for New Year’s Resolutions – doesn’t the average person break them by day 9 or something ridiculous? But what I do believe in is GOALS. There is something about a New Year – it’s a chance to refresh the mind and soul.  Perhaps it’s all the indulgence over the festive period that leaves us with such a need to re-group.

My good friend Alex and I used to email each other a list of personal and professional goals every January, then we’d look at them later on in the year to see how well we were doing.  We don’t do this anymore – life has got in the way, but I still love the thinking behind it.

So what’s in store for me this year?  Well it’s actually quite an exciting one!


Noah’s 1st birthday – It’s true what they say – once you start having kids time simply flies.  I cannot believe my little rainbow baby is almost a year old.  I’m going to be emotional about it (totally normal right?) but am enjoying planning things like the cake for a little get together we’ll be having.


Our wedding – Yep this is the year I become a ‘Mrs’!  I’m not sure I suit being a Mrs … it feels too old.  But all the traditional stuff aside – I just can’t wait to marry my best friend! He’s the best thing that ever happened to me. Our wedding is in the summer and we’ve actually already planned ALOT. I want to do some wedding blogging, but not really sure what angle to take.  If you’d be interesting in seeing some wedding planning posts – let me know what sort of stuff would interest you in the comments below.


New work opportunities – Over the past year I’ve had to let go of my ambition a bit, and it’s not been easy.  Loads of people told me that my ambitions would fade when I became a mum. Perhaps I am abnormal, but they haven’t at all?!  Yes of course Noah comes first – but I truly feel that in order to be the best mum I can be, I also need to be fulfilled and challenged.  Unfortunately with the sort of work I do – opportunities don’t come along every day.  But I’m starting to put myself out there, so we’ll see what happens.  My heart is telling me to pursue radio or TV, but perhaps it’s time for something completely new?  Who knows … but I believe that opportunities arise when you least expect them.  Fingers crossed.


This blog – My aim is to blog more regularly in 2016.  I had a WONDERFUL number of views and visitors in 2015, a number that I struggle to get my head around.  It’s so flattering and a little hard to comprehend that so many people have visited my tiny little insignificant piece of the internet!  And yet – I still struggle to believe in myself in terms of making my blog ‘pro’.  I think my problem is that I don’t really fit into a typical blogger category.  I just like to write, as simple as that.  Again, we’ll see what the future holds! If there’s anything you’d LOVE to read on my my blog – please again let me know in the comments below.


I will leave you with this amazing speech from Jada Pinkett Smith – which sums up everything I’ve been feeling recently – so beautifully and eloquently.  What a woman

An here’s to a wonderful 2016 for you x



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  1. Aw, it was our first Christmas as parents as well and we loved it. I completely agree, just because you’re a mum doesn’t mean your ambitions should be any less,bin fact I think kine might be even more now as I have someone to work hard for!

  2. I’m the same on still having so many goals I want to accomplish AND be a mum. I have adjusted my goals (my old jobs unsociable hours would have meant I barely saw Josh), but still need to work just as hard around him (maybe harder sometimes). You’ll find your new thing this year and be amazing at it in sure. Good luck!x

    • hey Jules thanks so much. You’re absolutely right – you have you adapt your goals. The babies come first but Mama needs to be happy too! xx

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Looking ahead to 2016

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