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Fluffy clouds and big dreams …

Trying to make a cot look stylish can be pretty tough.

When I was pregnant I bought a cot set – bumpers, sheets, blankets – the lot.  Until I realised they were probably unsafe.  And a bit of a faff.

Since then we’ve literally just had a white sheet and airwrap cot bumpers to stop Noah’s arms and legs getting stuck between the slats (which was happening a lot!)

Noah is also one to kick off his blankets, so we put him in a sleeping bag at night.




For a while I’ve wanted something more stylish that fits with his nursery and have even googled ‘stylish cot sheets’ to no avail!

So when Snüz offered me a sheet and a blanket from their Designz Collection to review, I was over the moon, especially as one of the designs is clouds which matches some of the stickers in Noah’s room!

They have lots more to choose from as well.

I am also a big fan of the Snüz brand, after we had the beautiful Snüzpod co-sleeper when Noah was first born.

As well as looking darn gorgeous, the sheets and blanket are so so soft and really good quality (nothing worse than sleeping on cheap sheets, I’ve made that mistake a few times!)

I’m trying to get Noah to like blankets, so when he dozes off on his tummy I pop it over his bottom which sticks up in the air when he sleeps!  Hopefully soon enough he’ll realise how lovely and snuggly blankets are!

Here are some more pictures – I’ll definitely be investing in some more!



Some of the stickers in Noah's room
Some of the stickers in Noah’s room






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  1. We had the Snuzpod for our daughter, she loved it! You could really tell the quality of the crib, and the blankets and sheets were of really good quality too. Definitely a brand I’d recommend!

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Fluffy clouds and big dreams …

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