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Our Kent wedding – doing it our way


Eeeek, I’m so excited / slightly scared to blog about our wedding!

Excited because it’s only about 6 months away now and slightly scared because the countdown is on and I still reckon I have got a fair bit to do.  Ok, a LOT to do!

I’ve decided to blog about it because I know that I’ve read loads of blogs and googled all sorts of wedding stuff along the way for inspiration and stumbled across some really helpful bits.  Plus everyone likes reading about weddings right?! (ok, not everyone – apologies if this is you!)

So I’d say that our wedding is going to be fairly non-traditional and very ‘us’.

Here are some of the details:

The Venue

We decided early on that a church wedding was not for us.  Part of me wanted a church, but because Jay has been married before we couldn’t be dealing with having to explain ourselves to a vicar and feel guilty about our previous lives.

Our next thought was that we wanted to get married in Mallorca in a particular venue where we had been on holiday a few times and become good friends with the owners. We then found out that they were selling up and returning to England, which quickly changed our minds!

So back to the drawing board and we decided we wanted a casual beachy wedding.  Our first thought was Cornwall as this was where Jay proposed to me.  We found a venue we liked the look of, and even made an overnight trip to look at it when I was pregnant.  However there were a few things that weren’t quite right.  Back to that drawing board again.

It became clear to me that I wanted the wedding to be fairly close by – for ease of logistics and organisation.  So I looked at the obvious place – Kent.  We live on the Kent/London border and I worked on the radio in Kent for eight years.  The answer had been under my nose all along!

Our venue is EVERYTHING we want for our wedding – informal, relaxed, fun and different!

The team are simply LOVELY and I just cannot wait to get married there!




Our wedding party

So most people have bridesmaids, best men and ushers.  Not us!

I have two groups of best friends (and no sisters annoyingly!) – but I just felt that having lots of bridesmaids wasn’t the right vibe for our very laid back Kentish affair. We are also trying to do it on a relatively small budget and couldn’t really afford lots of expensive dresses.

So I’ve asked one of my very special friends to be my ‘best woman’ – and it feels like the right decision.  She’s staying with me the night before and I know she’ll get me to the church on time, figuratively speaking!

Similarly Jay didn’t want to single out just one person to be a Best Man – so he’s just asked a couple of people to be there on the day.  All very informal, but it feels right to us.

Oh and of course Noah will be a little usher or ring bearer! (Not sure we’ll really be able to trust an 18 month old with rings but it’s a cute idea!)


Happy x


The dress

Ah the dress!  Obviously I can’t actually give anything away about the dress can I?!

To fit with the whole casual Kentish wedding thing – I really thought I’d be going for a boho chic kind of dress.  I’d seen some gorgeous floaty numbers on Pinterest and was convinced that was the style I was after.

Erm, yeah – it soon became clear that floaty boho chic does NOT suit my body shape.  I’ve got an odd body.  I’m very short waisted and carry weight round my tummy, hips and boobs – and yet I’ve got spindly arms and legs.  Sounds attractive eh?!  Think that makes me an ‘apple’ body shape.

After trying a few dresses on last September with my ‘best woman’ by my side, I soon realised what dresses DIDN’T suit me.  But it was only when I put one on and she cried that I knew it was the one!  I felt like a princess and decided not to try any more on.

I can’t wait till my first fitting in a few months time, and really hope I still love it!


I’ve got lots of ideas for future wedding blogs before the big day – but if you have any suggestions, please leave them below!








5 Responses to Our Kent wedding – doing it our way

  1. Such an exciting time for you three. Declan and I were together 25 years before we finally got around to it a few years ago. Part of the reason was because I wanted all my kids there and I didn’t stop having them till quite late on! We really went for it and invited people we’d loved throughout our lives (and there were a LOT!). Declan being a director, I decided to be quite casual about the photography as I knew there would be loads of great photographers there – MASSIVE mistake. Of course they were all too busy having a a great time to remember to keep a record of the day (quite rightly so), so DO make sure you have someone dedicated to doing just that! Happy days:):)

  2. Ohhh planning your wedding is so exciting! We had a pretty laid back very Sussex wedding day too, it’s definitely the way to go. We opted for a marquee in my in laws garden and had a traditional afternoon tea served on vintage crockery I collected during the months before! Everyone loved it! Can’t wait to hear more on your big day plans xo

  3. My husband and I got married in NYC with 4 friends. Not that we don’t love our families, we honestly do, but for us our planning started to be more about what suited others ie location, date, food etc. When we got married finally after the airline losing our luggage, flights getting cancelled(surely signs not to get married?) We finally did it. And we have zero regrets. The day is not about the value or the food, it’s making the vows to love each other forever…or until he annoys you and you are actually ok with it. Enjoy your day, savour the moment and do what makes you as a couple happy. It’s your marriage.

  4. When everyone said “savour every minute as it goes sooooo fast” I didn’t really pay much attention. But it’s true. Before you know it the night is winding up & it’s over. I know you have the memories and the photos but enjoy every precious moment.
    Also try not to sit with the same guests for too long, mingle effectively otherwise you’ll miss out catching up with some people (and it’s strange how people take offence really easily…..”went all the way there, bought her a lovely gift & she didn’t even get to speak to me!!…..”

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Our Kent wedding – doing it our way

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