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Happy birthday Dad

To Dad,

Happy birthday.

Can’t believe you’re 65 – you old git.

Seriously though, I remember thinking you were well old when you were 35.  How has all that time passed?  And obviously I now know that 35 is positively a spring chicken! Aherm.

I always struggle to get you a decent birthday present because you always say you never want or need anything – but I think that’s really just your way of wanting us kids to save our money.  And that’s the type of man and Dad you are.

I never really say it to you  – but you are and always have been an amazing Dad.

I’m quite sure there were times when you would have rathered be in bed than out collecting me from another party when I was 15.  You were still giving me lifts at 21.  And 25. And giving me a roof over my head at 28 when I was old enough to have my own roof but had to leave a volatile and dangerous situation quickly.

There was never any question from you.  No judgement.  No speak of me owing you rent.  No hurrying me up to move back out.  Just support and unconditional love. From you and Mum.

You continue to show that love to all five of us – always have and I know, always will.

And now that love and support has passed on to your grand babies.  We can all see just how proud it makes you to be a Grandad.  It suits you and your white hair so well!

All I have to say to Noah is “shall we go and see Grandad?” and his face lights up.  He loves you as much as I do.  He knows that Grandad won’t get bored of giving cuddles, or reading The Gruffalo for the billionth time.

We weren’t rich with money growing up.  But we were rich in other ways.  You and Mum made sure that we had a loving, nurturing home.  It was always safe.  Still is.  You were (almost) always accepting! (I think there may have been a phase around the age of 14 where I probably pushed you too far at times!)

All I ever wanted to do was make you proud.  Still when I achieve something now, you’re one of the first people I want to tell.  You are always so happy with all of our achievements and dreams. It’s never been about you – you always made it about us.

You set a good example to me of how a man should treat a woman.  With love and absolute respect.  Thankfully this allowed me to recognise when I was in situations that were not right or acceptable.

You won’t even know this – but you helped me to know when I’d met the man I should marry.

Just thanks Dad.  Thanks for all of it.  For running me around to Irish dancing classes for years, for always making sure there was food on the table, for picking me up late at night so I wouldn’t risk walking home in the dark. For not shouting at me when I was drunk and sick aged 14!

Thanks for everything.

Happy birthday. (And sorry it’s another sh*t Amazon voucher!)








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  1. This is beautiful Charlie and well said. Dad’s don’t get enough credit! Since losing mum it has made me sit up and think how much I still need my dad at my age and always will. Happy birthday Daddy O’Brien x

    • that’s so odd Debbie – I was honestly thinking about you as I wrote it, thinking how lucky I am that I still have both parents, but that I need to tell them I love them more! Hope you’re ok honey xxx

  2. That was lovely to read, although it made me sad as I lost my dad when I was 6 months pregnant with my first. I was 29 years old and my dad was 51. He was the best dad you could ever have and there has always been such an empty space in my life since he left but the memories get me through it. The weekend before, we were all playing cards, giggling and he felt the baby move. Always tell the people closest how you feel as we never know how long we have them for. It’s so lovely to see how special people’s families are, thanks Charlie.

  3. For reasons you know & such a perfect blog I’ve spent the last 20mins bawling my eyes out. It’s lovely to hear you have not become complacent at all about having terrific parents (as I know we all are from time to time).
    Beautifully written Charlie xxxx

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Happy birthday Dad

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