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Our Kent wedding – the invitations

So the wedding countdown is really on now and I thought it was time to do another blog!

The biggest concern for most people when it comes to planning a wedding is cost – and we’re no different.

We didn’t want to get into debt over things like wedding invitations, which are essentially bit of (pretty) card.

So we came up with a way of ours being entirely FREE.

Yep, we’ve not spent a single penny on invitations!  But I think our way of doing it is actually more original and memorable than most I’ve seen, and apparently they’ve made a few people cry.

We had a think about what we’re good at and what is ‘us’ and the answer was a video!

So yep, essentially we invited people to our wedding with a video!

We got a few shots on one of our trips to the coast over the winter and we were also kindly given some BEAUTIFUL drone shots from my former co-host James Heming, who also happens to be our wedding photographer.  (His website is here)

Jay then edited it all together with some quotes we found about love and put it all to Christina Perri’s ‘A Thousand Years’ which is such a gorgeous song, and fitted our shots perfectly.

As well as the video, we built a very simple (and free) Wix wedding website with all the details of the big day, time, date, location, food etc.

I then either emailed or Facebooked it all to everyone!  Simple!  And yeah, I can’t say it enough – FREE.

I know people who’ve spent over £2000 on wedding invitations.  And you know, if you have the money and that’s what you want, that’s lovely.  But personally, we just couldn’t justify spending that kind of money, especially when we could do something that fitted our personalities and lives much better.

I am so happy with the choice we made … and the best bit for me was the footage at the end of the video – Jay proposing to me!  He’d never let me see it before, so seeing it in the invitation video was the first time. Very emotional!


Some stills from the video;










6 Responses to Our Kent wedding – the invitations

  1. Oh my goodness. That’s such a lovely way to invite people to your wedding. So romantic and so you… which is what matters. And I love that song, and the beach, and so perfect to include the proposal. Oh you’re making me want to get married all over again! x

  2. What a lovely way to send out invitations, and so unique to you both too!!

    We’re busy prepping for our wedding in the summer too, exciting times! 🙂 x

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Our Kent wedding – the invitations

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