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Our Kent wedding – the to-do list

With the wedding less than four months away now the countdown is well and truly on.

Well I say that – but we don’t sit at home every night panicking about what we’ve got to do (we’re too busy for that!) and I can honestly say I’ve not shown an inkling of Bridezilla yet.  I’m kind of disappointed that she’s not reared her ugly head, although I know there’s time!

But of course – as with planning any type of event, you need to be organised to an extent.

I’ve not done an Excel spreadsheet because quite simply, I don’t know how to use it!

So the way I’ve kept myself organised and on top of things is using Evernote.  I’ve got a number of notes in there that are shared with Jay (should he ever feel the need to start some planning haha) and I can access them on my phone at any time.

So the big questions – what is left to do on my list?!


  • Dress – first fitting in June – I CANNOT wait!
  • Shirt, tie and pocket square for Jay
  • Check Noah’s outfit fits – it’s ordered but I’m not hopeful as he’s so small!
  • Find Noah some cute shoes
  • Go through all the options from florist and choose which bits we want
  • Compare drink deals – as we’re providing our own alcohol
  • Some final decisions about decoration on the cake (being made by the fabulous Sally4cakes)
  • Source some bits for our table planner and table numbers
  • Jay to sort evening play list as we’re not having a DJ (more on that in a future blog/vlog)
  • Buy wedding rings – mine’s already been designed, just keep forgetting to order it!
  • Look for another reading as one that we chose isn’t quite right
  • Sort activities for children who are coming
  • Choose pudding – what a job!
  • Book in my spray tan!


I actually can’t think of anything else to add to the list and I’m hoping I’m not missing anything major.

If you’re planning a wedding this summer – let me know what’s left on your to-do list!







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Our Kent wedding – the to-do list

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