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Noah’s seaside Organix adventure – and WIN!

Last week I did something very very brave.

Something I’ve never done before.

Something I might not do for a LOOOOONG time again.

I took Noah on an overnight work trip! Arrghhh!

Ok, I’m being dramatic – he was a little star really.

We were lucky enough to be invited to the Organix HQ in beautiful Bournemouth which meant an overnight stay.

We stayed in a beautiful boutique hotel called The Greenhouse which was just stunning.  Unfortunately I didn’t get to sample the delights of the roll top bath, the fluffy robe and the room service as I had a cheeky toddler in tow who kept unravelling the loo roll!  But we did get to hang out with Molly from Mother’s Always Right and her baby girl – which was just fab, especially as we’ve known each other through work for a decade but never actually met!


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When we got to the STUNNING Organix HQ the babies got to try their brand new snack which isn’t in the shops yet but will be in June.  It’s called Organix Puffcorn and is a popcorn style snack but with no kernel (so safe for toddlers to eat). There are two flavours – Banana and cinnamon.  As with ALL Organix products, the flavour is the real deal. It’s not flavouring, it’s actual banana and cinnamon.  The food boffins I met at their HQ (who happen to be lovely normal people!) have been working on this product tirelessly for three years. Their dedication to healthy organic food, and to the food industry is incredible.

Noah of course LOVED it.

If you read my blogs and watch my vlogs regularly – you’ll know he’s a fussy eater at the moment – but give him a snack and he’s your mate for life!  Of course it’s incredibly important to me that those snacks are healthy and don’t contain anything added and absolutely no junk.

Here he is – tucking in!


©Barbara Evripidou2016


©Barbara Evripidou2016



The food laid on for us all at lunch was incredible – can I live at Organix please?!


©Barbara Evripidou2016


While Noah and the other children were being looked after by a lovely nursery teacher, we got to chat about the products, the long process of getting them into the shops, and the psychology behind toddlers and their eating habits! (There will be more on that in a few weeks!)

But as part of this brilliant day and learning experience – Organix and I would love to give something away on my blog for my loyal readers.

So I have not one but three Organix food bundles to giveaway!

All you need to do is answer this question in the comments below: (please answer in on this blog post – comments on other social media will not be eligible.)


‘What is the most important thing for you, when choosing a snack for your baby or toddler?’


A winner will be picked at random from all the comments (using on Wednesday 4th May 2016.

Thanks for reading and good luck!



Organix and Goodies Range shot



27 Responses to Noah’s seaside Organix adventure – and WIN!

  1. My most important thing at the moment is whether or not it has dairy products in as he is milk intolerant. There are many products out there which he can’t have due to the milk content, this doesn’t limit his diet and restricts him from enjoying many different treats. My other important things are if they are nutritious and healthy, but also a little fun as every needs a little fun in their life x

  2. I think I’m probably very much the same as most other mum’s when trying to choose snacks for my 14 month old son – making sure they are healthy, nutritious and not full of nasties. My little boy is going through an insatiable hunger stage (he’s managed to break the baby lock on his snack cupboard from pulling it so hard!!) so it’s even more important to me that he’s not just filling up on junk. I’m very aware that how we are now will affect his relationship with food for a long time, if not the rest of his life – so I feel very pressured to make the right choices for him now (which includes not letting him see me scoff chocolate behind the cupboard door….)

  3. I think for me the most important things are that it isn’t full of salt and sugar and has some nutritional value but also tastes good. I don’t want much do I!!!

  4. My little girl has started weaning so I try to choose healthy snacks, which hasn’t got a high salt or sugar content, tasty and easy for her to eat.

  5. I love the fact that my little ones eyes light up when he’s sees his favourite snack…especially the organic range and my toddler also still loves the crispies and raised from organic so I can’t wait for this new range to come out. I’m sure my little one will love the new puff pen range and it’s doubly brilliant because as you say it’s completely healthy and not full of added junk!
    I love it ❤️

  6. When picking a snack I look for something that tasty, as healthy as she’ll allow and something exciting for her.
    Above all, I look for something that she will actually eat not just say no, refuse and say more!! Haha

  7. I am just introducing my baby girl to snacks and for me key factor they are tasty, healthy she is enjoying what she is snacking on. I guess I would say when I look out for things on shelf I am instantly drawn to organic range. I’m loving seeing her face with excitement even though half of it ends up on the floor :-).

  8. The most important thing for me is that it’s healthy & 100% baby friendly.. I hate seeing kids tucking into unhealthy snacks, especially so young. Also for me, it’s giving my son a snack that is safe, so I know he’s not going to start choking as its baby friendly and the majority of things eventually dissolve in their mouth.

  9. When choosing any foods for my little one it always comes down to what’s in it. I do try and do homemade but as you all know it’s not always possible. So the main thing for me is that it isn’t full of salt, sugar and additives. That it’s as natural and organic as possible. Looking forward to trying the new range out ?

  10. I always check for sugar and the salt content, and i rather the ingredients to be naturally flavoured rather than aritifical- as it also tastes so much better! i buy alot of organix goodies, my 15 month old son loves them and they are easy to pack in a bag for snacks when we go out.

  11. i always check for the sugar and salt content, or if products are artifically flavoured, thats why i love the organix products as its all natural flavours and my little boy (15 months old) enjoys munching on them, and sharing with mummy of course lol!

  12. The most important thing for me is that the snack does not contain too much salt or sugar. Also, something which is easy the carry around, not easily squashed when crammed into the changing bag and tasty for my daughter.

  13. I have an 8 month old daughter and I always look for snacks with no added (or hidden) nasties! I’ve never looked at the back of food packaging so much as I do now haha! Lovely post, the organix hq looks like a fun place to work! 🙂

  14. An important factor is that my children’s snacks are healthy and nutritious but most of all I want them to enjoy them. I want my children to find food a pleasure and not like I’m forcing them to eat something I want them to eat. There needs to be a good balance though!

  15. I try as hard as possible to find a low salt, low sugar but really tasty snack that’s not hugely messy so it’s easy to grab and go. I find it really hard to do and there isn’t a great variety out there, which means she gets bored of the same things really quickly, definitely excited that there’s going to be more soon!!

  16. For snacks, the two most important things are flavour and lack of mess. Snacks are often eaten when we are out and using the buggy so lack of mess is important.

  17. Something healthy that she’ll enjoy, and that she can eat safely at each age 🙂 she also suffers from reflux so we are struggling with her weaning at times so snacks have to be chosen carefully to avoid the projectile vomiting!!! 🙂

  18. I always check that there isn’t too much sugar or salt and that the snack looks tasty and easy for little hands to hold! Organix HQ looks fun!

  19. I would be looking for plenty of natural flavours, with no additives. Something simple. Ideally a 1 of the 5 a day too as an added bonus

  20. My most important thing for my toddlers snack is that it’s healthy( main point) easy to keep and take on our adventures unlike a yoghurt for example so not too messy and flavoursome!! You adventure looks fun Charlie!! Xx

  21. Looks like a fun day :0)
    For me something containing no nasties and tasty for the bubs is a must. Also snack packets that are not too large for a single snack/day helping (to avoid wasting food, having to decant into smaller bags or having to secure open packets) when out and about.

  22. Definitely what has gone in, and how it has been processed. Having been making my own snacks for my 19 month old all along, but working too, I am trying to get my head around ‘no junk’ snacks!

  23. I choose healthy snacks that are easy for her to hold and that she can have fun with. I like to give her a variety of tastes and textures- we’re currently trying all the flavours of Organix rice cakes and the carrot sticks are a big hit too!

  24. When picking a snack for my daughter I chose healthy snacks and organic, snacks I know she’ll love! Fingers crossed 🙂

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Noah’s seaside Organix adventure – and WIN!

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