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Our Kent Wedding – 3 weeks to go


I can’t quite believe time has flown so quickly.

The last time I wrote on my little wedding countdown board in the kitchen it was 9 weeks ago and that seemed really close then!

I’m at the stage now where all the main things are done (I hope) and I’m doing all the fiddly bits and really releasing my inner Monica.

Here’s where I’m at:


DRESS: I’ve got my final fitting tomorrow and hoping that all goes well.  The dressmaker said “please don’t gain or lose ANY weight” very sternly!! I think I’m roughly the same as two weeks ago!?

HAIR AND MAKE UP: I had a trial with Kirsty who is looking after us on the day and she did a great job.  However looking back I’m not 100% sure that my hair totally suits me so I’ve booked another trial this week.  It sounds extreme but I want to look back at my photos in years to come and be chuffed with how I looked. Especially when I’m really old and wrinkly!

JEWELLERY: This has been hard as I only wear gold costume jewellery really and I need silver bits.  I’ve decided to literally only go for tiny diamanté studs and a little bracelet and because my dress was very expensive I’m getting them from high street stores and not spending much.  My veil arrived from Canada and it’s BEAUTIFUL!  It cost me around £50 compared with the ones I tried on in a bridal store for £400! Ouch.

VENUE AND DECOR: I think this is all sorted! Flowers are all planned as is all the decor thanks to an amazing guy called Dylan who is doing it for me! It has taken a lot of the stress away and means I don’t need to be there on the morning.

CAKE: All planned and I know it’s going to be incredible.

ENTERTAINMENT: Initially Jay didn’t want a DJ, as he’s a DJ and I think he thought he wouldn’t be able to find anyone else as good haha! But he’s now changed his mind, so we’ve got a great guy he knows travelling quite a long way!  My brother Liam is also singing which will be amazing as he’s so talented.  I also have a little surprise in the evening for all our guests.

JAY AND NOAH’S OUTFITS: We have it all now (Jay only got his shirt today – men!) I’ve actually got two outfits for Noah – the main suit for the start of the day and photos and a more casual linen shorts and shirt with bow tie outfit for later when he’s hot and wants to run around!

THE LITTLE TOUCHES: These are the bits that we’re working hard on now – all the personal bits that I hope will set our wedding apart from others and make people remember it. I won’t give anything away – but I’ll do some blogs with pictures after the day.

PLANNING FOR THE MORNING: Last night I actually sat up until midnight and wrote a detailed plan for 7am – 1pm on the day with colour coded bits so everyone knows what they’re doing at what time!  I honestly felt like Monica from Friends with her colour coded planners!  I think I needed to do it for myself so I can stop panicking about logistics.


I can’t really think of much more to say without ruining all the details and surprises!

If you want to know how we’ve kept the cost down – I’ve done a little vlog here:



Have you got any tips for me at this stage so close to the wedding?!






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  1. Not a tip for the lead up but for the big day. Make sure you and Jay have a moment alone to let it sink in that you have just got married. It’s the best bit of advise I got and I’m so glad we had that time together, it was very special. Hope you have a fab day!

  2. It’s going to be Fabulous, and you have shown how it can be done without needing to rob a bank. Well done Charlie, you are a little star!

  3. Sounds like you’re all ready! My biggest piece of advice is the night before take a deep breath and say “it doesn’t matter”, and try to hold onto that. No one else will notice if something hasn’t been done (unless it’s glaring obvious, like only half the guests have favours for example) and the best thing for you to do is just relax and enjoy it. If you’re late, it doesn’t matter much.

    Also, stop and breathe it all in at regular intervals throughout the day. It really does fly by!

    It’s going to be amazing, well done for all of your hard work! X

  4. Same as the other lovelies have said-take Jays hand, walk away from everybody, have a kiss and a moment to look around and take it all in. Then do it again with little Noah in your arms. The day will fly by so just enjoy it, hiccups won’t spoil it. I just found you blog (I’m the ‘ripe mango girl from you tube’, have my own blog, it’s all about being a stay at home mum) so I’ll look forward to seeing your dress. You’re lovely Charlie. X

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Our Kent Wedding – 3 weeks to go

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