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Skincare routine before the wedding

As a teenager I had amazing skin.  I was so lucky. I didn’t even have a proper skincare routine.

While people around me were suffering with acne, I rarely got a single spot.

It was the same into my 20’s – remaining spot free and youthful!

So I was in for a bit of a shock when I came off the pill around the age of 30 (after probably 13 years on it without a break) and it went completely crazy.

I went through an horrendous spell of cystic acne which was not only horrible to look at, but also agony.  I had various creams and antibiotics from the doctors, which helped – but it reared it’s ugly head at the same time every month.

Over the next few years I went through three pregnancies (two sadly unsuccessful), a lot of stress and then 16 months of breastfeeding.  All the hormonal changes left my skin tired and temperamental.  And of course lack of sleep definitely hasn’t helped!  My skin is definitely pesky-combination, a real mix of oily patches and dry bits. Arrghh.

So about three months before my wedding day I started to feel pretty panicky!  Yes there is make up – but it definitely helps your confidence to have glowing, healthy skin.

Initially I tried Liz Earle products after being recommended them by SO many people, including my mum.

Unfortunately they weren’t for me – and I found myself in the familiar cycle of cleanse/breakout, cleanse/breakout.

So i decided to go back to basics, use the products that I KNEW didn’t cause me to breakout, and add a few extra products to help give me that bridal glow!



I’ve used this cleanser on and off for years and it’s just lovely.  It’s light and fresh and makes my skin feel lovely and clean thanks to the Green Tea extracts and most importantly – it DOESN’T make me break out.  I often use it in combination with my facial exfoliator.

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When I was asking people for skin advice on social media – loads of people said to me that I needed to get an acid based toner. The one that kept coming up as a top recommendation was Pixi Glow Tonic and I flipping love the stuff! It smells gorgeous,  and leaves my face feeling tight and glowy!  I use it on a cotton wool pad after I’ve cleansed. It’s not cheap, but a bottle has lasted me for ages, so it’s good value for money.

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pixi glow toner



I’d heard a bit about hyaluronic acid and how amazing it is for your skin because it literally holds so much moisture (one gram of hyaluronic acid is able to hold up to six liters of water!) but I’d never actually thought to take any.  When I got offered some to try before the wedding, I jumped at the chance.  Regime’s Coconut Quench Capsules are literally just hyaluronic acid and coconut water.  An added bonus for me was that the capsules are also vegetarian (so many aren’t!)

I’ve been taking them now for almost a month in the run up to the wedding day and without a doubt – my skin is plumper, brighter and happier!  I feel like it looks more like the skin I had in my 20’s, which is very welcome!  I love them and I’m definitely going to keep up the capsules as part of my daily skincare and vitamin routine. (They’re also safe to take during pregnancy and breastfeeding and are available online and in Superdrug).

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regime cocnut quench



Because I do have a tendency to break out a bit once a month, I alternate using the Pixi Glow toner with something a bit more hardcore for spots – and I love this. It’s actually a cleanser (that doesn’t need to be washed off) but I use it as a toner, after I’ve cleansed.  It makes my face feel REALLY clean and fresh and tingly – and really helps if I know a breakout is coming.  It’s also for sensitive skin.

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I wanted to get an exfoliating brush for my face but didn’t want to pay the price of some of the top end ones, so did a bit of research and got this one on Amazon for £12.99 because it had some really good reviews! I use the small brush to gently exfoliate my face and I use the bigger brush on my arms in the shower (it’s waterproof).  It’s great at removing the dead skin cells that make your face look a bit grey and it has also helped with Milia (little white bumps) that I annoyingly get around my eyes.

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After years of trial and error, I 100% know that my skin simply cannot tolerate heavy, rich moisturisers.  I always loved the look of expensive ones that you see advertised and that friends use, but they just don’t work for me, they ALWAYS give me spots.

The absolute best thing for me that is light, moisturises well and doesn’t cause any spots is this one from Simple! And it’s only £3 – bargain!  They also have an oil-balancing one in the range which I also use.

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I think drinking enough water is definitely the holy grail of good skin – and health in general!  I’ve always tried on and off to up my water intake but would always pour a glass and then leave it somewhere in the house and forget about it!

I swear my Hydratem8 bottles have transformed my life! I take them everywhere.  They tell you how much water you should have drunk and by what time to keep you on track and motivated.  My only issue is that I always need the loo, which is a pain when you’re out!

I can definitely see a decline in my skin very quickly if I’ve not been drinking enough. It’s actually frightening!

Even Noah is obsessed with the bottles – he loves them.

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What are your top skincare tips? Let me know in the comments below!

Charlie x




*This is a paid review – but in keeping with my honesty throughout this blog, I only provide honest and real reviews



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    • thank you so much! One spot has actually appeared grrr. So I’m using Witch Hazel like it’s going out of fashion! x

  1. Really helpful, not for me but my two grown up kids, who do have a few problems with there skin. Thank you. Have a fabulous wedding day, I shall be thinking of you. X

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Skincare routine before the wedding

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