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Today my toddler …

Toddlers are really strange creatures aren’t they? Like little drunk people running around causing a casual trail of chaos behind them.

Today I thought I’d write down everything that my toddler person achieved in a day – it’s fairly impressive;


Bit my leg at least five times.

Laughed when I took off his nappy and he found his willy.

Learned to climb from the back of the sofa onto the coffee table next to it.

Managed to grab the not very well hidden colouring pencils from the 4th bookshelf through stealth climbing and stretching that was actually fairly impressive.




Drew on the pouffe thing. Again.

Said ‘Mama’ really clearly but when I asked him to say it again looked at me with an evil glint in his eye and said ‘Baba’.  And then laughed, a lot.

Touched tongues with the dog.  This actually happened and I probably shouldn’t be telling anyone.

Pulled out my hair extension.




Said “Oh” after tipping his leftover breakfast all over the kitchen floor.  He feigns the emotion of surprise really well …

Licked my knee. A lot.

Refused ice cream.  That’s not normal surely? Might have to call the Health Visitor …

Pulled my bra down and laughed at my boobs (in fairness they’re pretty laughable after feeding him for 16 long months. The bloody cheek of it.)

Had a tantrum of epic proportions because I wouldn’t allow his wooden train in the bath.  I’m talking proper can’t-breathe sobbing.

Threw an even bigger tantrum when I wouldn’t allow my Macbook to be a train track for Thomas and his creepy comrades.



(If you want to add to the list of what your toddler (or child, doesn’t need to be toddler!) did today – leave a comment below)





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Today my toddler …

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