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Taking a break

There’s a lot of irony involved with writing this post.  It is not lost on me.

I have stepped away from writing recently.  And I feel like I need to pull away from social media and youtube for a little bit.

It’s not good for my heart or my head right now.

Since having Noah I’ve found myself in a place of uncertainty.  About my career, about what I really care about, about what makes me happy.  About my identity outside of motherhood.

Counting subscribers, checking back for likes and comments on pictures and posts, and worrying that I’m not as good as the next person isn’t making me happy.  It’s not what I love.  I’m not sure anyone does if I’m honest.  But it’s become a curse of our modern society.  Especially if you work ‘online’.

What I love is engaging with people, presenting, talking, making people laugh, laughing with others, having a good old chin wag, and tackling subjects that others may not want to.

But with that comes the harder stuff. The stuff that can make us all feel inadequate.  I can’t keep up, and I need to work out if I even want to.

So I just need to re-group for a while.

It’s nothing serious.  I just need to restock my cupboards and work out which items need to go in the bin.

That’s the shittest analogy EVER.  For fucks sake.

Keep being wonderful and see you soon



(We might still be uploading some videos, but I may not share them on my social media for a while)






3 Responses to Taking a break

  1. Good Luck Charlie in whatever you do. Sometimes you need to find the real you, the one that you have forgotten about, to be able to cope with all life throws at you. Regroup, feel stronger and take on the world. Big hug my dear.

  2. Hey Charlie. I love your blogs and pics but doing what you do leaves you wide open to those horrible individuals who like nothing better than to bring you down. You go and clean out your cupboards and chuck stuff in the bin, ( it’s bad, but not that bad, lol) Those of us that love following you and your little family will continue to do so by what ever means necessary. No, I’m not really a stalker.
    Good luck in your quest, chin up, and come back better and stronger.

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Taking a break

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