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The Motherhood Shoes

I stared at the shoes in the shop window for months – 9 to be precise.

Then finally they came home with me – long awaited and much loved.

So loved.


So much so I sat up for hours on end just gazing at them, sitting peacefully on top of their box.

I knew we’d have a lifelong relationship.

Even my husband was in awe of them.  The way they looked, the way they smelled.

I put the shoes on and they were incredible, but man – they hurt.

They made my feet sore and they rubbed.

Sometimes so much I cried.

I didn’t quite know how to walk in them for the first few weeks.

Sometimes I felt I wasn’t good enough to wear them.

Every step I took felt new, and different.

Then one day I realised they didn’t feel odd anymore.

They fit.

We fit.

I became more confident wearing them and some days I felt as if I’d worn them all my life.

They no longer rubbed and the blisters healed.

I rarely left the house without them and the days that I did felt liberating and then, well – just a bit weird.

But sometimes – the shoes need re-heeling.

Or a bit falls off the sole.

Occasionally the leather feels a little tired and worn.

It’s OK though, it is just a blip.

Nothing a good repairers can’t fix.

Some days I find myself craving a different pair of shoes, and that’s fine.

But I always go back to THE shoes.

Because they’re the ones that really fit me now.

They’re the ones I walk in every day,

And will do, for all my days.


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The Motherhood Shoes

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