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The Circle of Life


Before I start – I should mention the fact that I haven’t actually blogged in 2017!

I’m not sure what happened.  I think perhaps a part of it was that I joined some blogger groups on Facebook – saw the constant bitching, in-fighting and incessant chat about stats, scores, money, rankings etc and decided I didn’t want to be a part of that.

But I’ve realised I don’t have to be.  I can do this any way I want.  I love to write, and write I will.  I don’t need validation from others and I don’t need to do it a certain way.  I’ll just do it MY way.



So lots of you will know that I’ve just returned from my Uncle’s funeral in Spain.

It’s been a weird week.  We knew he was unwell but I think the speed with which it all happened at the end shocked us all.  And I still can’t really get my head around it.

I won’t go into any details out of respect for my Auntie and the family – but what I will say is that he will be sorely missed.  He was the eldest of my Dad’s brothers.  There were five of them.

It broke my heart to see them stand up at the funeral and sing ‘Slievenamon’ – a song synonymous with county Tipperary where they all grew up.

When I was a child it was a common sight for all five of them to sing it together, but now there are just three.

I wouldn’t really consider myself religious.  Spiritual perhaps, but not religious.  But the words of the priest who led the service really struck a chord with me.

He talked about every single life on this earth being unique.  No one has the same path and we all contribute something different and special to the world.

As my uncle did, and as the baby growing inside me will do.

During the service as I said goodbye, I felt thankful for the new lives I’m bringing into the world.  The individuals who will carve their own unique paths and stories.

It’s the circle of life.

It can be painful and there are times of grief and sadness.  But after the sadness comes light and happiness.

Bye bye for now Uncle Frank – I’ll be sure to let the next generation know all about you.



By night and by day I ever, ever pray,
While lonely my life flows on
To our flag unrolled and my true love to enfold,
In the valley near Slievenamon


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  1. Lovely to read a blog have missed them Sorry to hear about your Uncle but big congrats on the baby news. Look forward to reading your journey over the next few months.

  2. So sorry for your loss Charlie, my thoughts are with you and your family. I am sure he will be looking down and keeping a close watch on that little girl growing in your tummy! x

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The Circle of Life

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