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Home is where my heart is #ad

As far as my personality goes – I’m a funny old mix.

I love a night out – be it dinner, drinks or dancing (the dancing bit is a rarity these days!)

But ever since I can remember I’ve always loved going home.

While my friends would stay out until the sun came up, I’d already be safely home, snuggled in my bed, cosy and warm and I’m no different now.


I’ve also lived in a fair few houses and flats – some of them rented, some owned. The worst was a tiny and fairly grotty studio flat in Brighton as it was all I could afford – but somehow I managed to make it cosy.

Everywhere I’ve lived – I’ve made it my home. With candles, and throws and fairy lights… Even the grotty studio flat with the avocado bathroom suite looked fairly lovely once I’d properly settled in.

Now I have a family, and do most of my work from home, it truly is where my heart is. It’s where the things I love most are. Our beloved old lab Isla, my husband Jay and of course our son Noah. (In no particular order!)



As a family we love nothing more than snuggly afternoons and evenings in together. Noah already says “snuggle snuggle” and grabs the blanket from the back of the sofa.



And because date nights out are fairly rare at the moment, Jay and I love nothing more than a bit of food and Netflix on the sofa.

You may have seen on my social media the other day a very weird picture of me wearing a bit of a scary looking contraption on my head! Well I can now reveal that I was wearing something called an EEG cap and having my brain activity measured by a neuroscientist! How cool is that?!



I had to listen to questions and statements about my home, being homesick, friends and pets, and home technology.

The experiment had been jointly developed by British Gas and Dr Duncan Banks from the Open University, who told me that when I was asked to picture a lifelong friend that my brain activity increased hugely. He literally showed me the graph and it was amazing to see. I pictured Alex, a best friend of 23 years and my best woman at our wedding.

My heart rate also jumped up when thinking about our home, in the same way it did when thinking about Alex – which is of no surprise to me at all as I love my home so much!


What is also very interesting from the other people who took part in the experiment is that those who have ‘smart home technology’ in their homes showed even stronger positive emotions than those without. So even though smart home technology is a relatively recent thing, people who have it have a closer relationship with their homes.



Jay is OBSESSED with gadgets so it’s definitely next on the list to look at and I LOVE the idea of being able to get the house all warm and toasty before I get home – I hate the cold so I definitely need this in my life. I also like the idea of being able to easily keep track of my energy bills with a smart meter, which will make life so much easier. I think we will get it sorted ready for winter 2017 – especially as we will have a newborn in the house too! Eeek.

Are you like us? Do you love cosy nights in, in front of the fire and the TV?! Let me know in the comments below.



This post was created in collaboration with British Gas #Ad



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Home is where my heart is #ad

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