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Fussy Eater Picnic Ideas

It’s definitely the season for a picnic or two.

Many of you who follow my parenting journey on here and social media will know that my son Noah who is now 2 and 4 months, has always been a fussy eater.

Last year I did a fussy eater workshop with Organix and spent some time with the lovely Lucy Thomas, a child feeding expert. Two of her top tips for fussy eaters are:


  1. Change up the location
  2. Let children get involved in the preparation of their food and make it FUN


Helping me make strawberries and bananas dipped in chocolate for the freezer, ready for our garden picnic



I’d say Noah’s eating is about 20% better than it was – but we still face many challenges and hurdles.

So as we’ve been having some amazing weather I thought I’d grab a pretty picnic blanket and head all the way to ….. our back garden!  Why not?!  It makes a change from his high chair and it was a way to engage Noah in what he was eating with some fun activities for the morning.


My happy little chef



Here are my top 5 fussy eater picnic ideas:

  1. Get them involved – Noah helped me dip fruit in melted chocolate for some tasty frozen treats.  He also helped me to cut sandwiches into fun shapes and we made some cheese, veggie sausage and cucumber kebabs in the garden.  He also wore his apron and chef’s hat which he LOVES!
  2. Mix foods they love with ones they’re more hesitant about eating – On the kebabs I included two things I know he loves (cheese and veggie sausages) with cucumber which he refuses. Just getting him to handle, smell and play with cucumber is a positive step forward in my eyes.
  3. Use leftovers – A picnic doesn’t have to cost any extra in your food budget. Use what you’ve got in your fridge and cupboards.  I used up two bananas that were quite ripe, as well as leftover pesto pasta salad from a BBQ the day before.
  4. Make your own dip – Another great way to great a fussy eater to try new and healthy tastes is to blend up your own dips and spreads that they can dip snacks into (Organix Goodies mini cheese and chive breadsticks are perfect for this.)
  5. Fun shapes – I’m not really one for fantastic food art as I’m not creative enough!  But it takes nothing to use shape cutters for sandwiches, or something similar.  He loves stars and aeroplanes, so I made peanut butter star sandwiches and aeroplanes ones with soft cheese in!  An instant winner.


Overall I’d say our garden picnic was a big success.  He kept saying “I eat picnic” and I think he really enjoyed himself!  So much so, he was shattered afterwards and took himself off to bed for a nap!  Bonus!


Making cheese, veggie sausage and cucumber kebabs 


Fun sandwiches


Yesterday’s pasta salad


Homemade avocado and cream cheese dip – perfect for pitta fingers or Organix Goodies mini cheese crackers 


Feeding Daddy cucumber


Fun for me too


Pudding time

This post was written as part of my journey as a ‘no junk mum’ with Organix. #nojunkjourney.

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Fussy Eater Picnic Ideas

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