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Did Noah Eat Carrots?!


Most of you who read my blog, follow my socials and watch our videos will know there’s been a common theme when it comes to Noah and food ….. EXTREME FUSSINESS!

I’ll never know if it’s something I did wrong, related to his early silent reflux issues, or just one of those things.  But he’s now almost 3 and still incredibly fussy.

Noah has a list of safe foods and they’re generally beige – pasta, bread, oatcakes, crackers, peanut butter, hummus – you get the idea.

I’m a bit embarrassed to admit this but he currently only eats two things in the fruit/vegetable bracket – bananas and avocados. It certainly hasn’t been through lack of trying or exposure as I am vegetarian and absolutely love my veggies!

I blend tonnes of veggies into sauces for him but I’m aware that I need to keep offering him a choice of fruit and veg that aren’t hidden, even if he doesn’t eat it.

If you have a fussy eater though, you’ll know it’s not always this easy and sometimes a new tactic is needed.

As you may know, I’m a proud ambassador for Organix and their No Junk Journey – and they’ve challenged me and Noah to have fun with food, particularly something he refuses to eat.

So I decided to have a fun baking session which he always loves and we made CARROT muffins! He has the incredible ability to spot a spec of carrot from three miles away so I’m keen to show him that they’re not scary and actually quite tasty (especially when raw and dunked in hummus!)

I used a recipe from Jamie Oliver and although he didn’t sit and eat a whole muffin, he tried one which was a major breakthrough for us.  But more importantly we had loads of fun together baking and touching and handling the carrots – which actually was a big step for him.

We’ve always loved baking together and haven’t had the chance since my daughter, Luna, came along 10 weeks ago. But this has made me realise not only is this a good way to get Noah engaging with foods he’s scared of, but also a way for us to get some one on one mummy and Noah time.

(Scroll to the bottom of the page to see some tips from Organix about having fun with food!)





*This post is sponsored by the lovely people at Organix

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Did Noah Eat Carrots?!

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