Frequent question: Can you show babies their reflection?

Mirrors are one of the most common items to raise superstitions, and this one is a doozy. In Europe in the 19th century and well into the 20th, it was considered absolutely horrible for a baby to see their own reflection in a mirror before their first birthday.

Why shouldn’t you let babies look in the mirror?

Greece. It’s believed that a new baby shouldn’t see themselves in a mirror — though of course, newborns can’t see that clearly anyway — until after the christening, says Caleb Backe, a wellness expert with Maple Holistics. “It’s in order to keep his soul from being taken,” Backe says.

What do babies do when they see their reflection?

When children are between 15 and 24 months, they begin to realize that the reflection they see is their own, and they either point to the red nose or try to wipe away the rouge. In other words, they understand that the reflection in the mirror is more than a familiar face–it is their own face.

Why is watching TV bad for infants?

Good evidence suggests that screen viewing before age 18 months has lasting negative effects on children’s language development, reading skills, and short term memory. It also contributes to problems with sleep and attention.

What happens if you put a baby in front of a mirror?

Offering a mirror during playtime with your baby boosts her development in so many ways, from visual and language skills to gross motor movement. Plus, it promotes social development as she interacts with you (and maybe her sibs).

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