Is baby formula used to make drugs?

Drug dealers sometimes use the powdered formula to dilute heroin and methamphetamine or to stretch the product when supplies run low. However, experts say that more often than not, formula is stolen because of its high market demand among consumers rather than drug dealers.

Why do drug dealers use baby formula?

Large-scale organized crime rings are going after baby formula in order to manufacture illegal drugs, such as cocaine and heroin. Cans of powdered baby formula are used as mixers for those drugs. Retailers often lock up baby formula to deter theft.

Can baby formula be used to cut drugs?

While a black market exists for stolen baby formula to be resold for its intended purpose, reports indicate that baby formula also is used as a cutting agent for cocaine, heroin, and methamphetamine by drug dealers looking to dilute their product and stretch their supply.

Why does Walmart lock up baby formula?

“We recognize it is an inconvenience to our customers, but it is designed to prevent theft, and if you are preventing theft, you are reducing costs,” said a Weis spokesman, Dennis Curtin. Formula theft, Mr.

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Is there a black market for baby formula?

The baby formula black markets are not a new problem. “In the big spectrum of retail crime, infant formula is one of the top items,” Joe LaRocca from the National Retail Foundation, an industry trade group, told ABC News back in 2011.

Why does baby formula get stolen?

“The thefts are happening because there is a resale market,” North Port spokesperson Josh Taylor said. “Items of high value which are fairly small or compact are a target for criminals. Razor blades are another example. There is a reason they are usually locked up or at the front of the store.

Why is baby formula so expensive?

It appears that the manufacturers are paying most of the actual cost of the product itself, which is not very much. US taxpayers are paying to distribute it, which is a substantial cost. Four factors seem to explain this curious situation: low product cost, inflated retail prices, brand loyalty, and expanded reach.

Why is advertising baby formula illegal?

Adverts for infant formula can’t be placed in publications which are intended for the general public. Where they are advertised, the adverts also have to be of a scientific and factual nature. Adverts shouldn’t create the idea that bottle feeding is equivalent or superior to breastfeeding.

Why is deodorant locked up at Walgreens?

The drug retailer attempts to control theft. “We lock things up to avoid theft.” To determine which products get incarcerated, Elfinger says, the company examines its data on shrink—the items most often pilfered. … Hard to believe thieves are targeting Vagisil.

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Why are razor blades locked up?

To combat the store theft, Crowley said, “Most places are locking them up because of theft … Their size makes them easy to pocket.” Chains such as Safeway and CVS put their razors and blades in a glass case under lock and key.

Is Bobbie formula safe?

FDA approved formula that also lives up to the higher European standards when it comes to quality. Bobbie Formula has no corn syrup, no palm oil, no filler, no Maltodextrin, no gluten, no pesticides, and on antibiotics.