You asked: How can I lower my child’s cholesterol?

What causes high cholesterol in a child?

Cholesterol levels in children are linked to three factors: heredity, diet, and obesity. In most cases, kids with high cholesterol have a parent who also has elevated cholesterol.

What can I give my child for high cholesterol?

The first meal of the day is a good time to give your child foods that are high in fiber, such as cereals and whole-grain breads. Fruits, juices, cheeses and yogurt are also good. Use skim or low-fat milk rather than whole or 2% milk.

Is it bad for a kid to have high cholesterol?

Children of all ages can be at risk of developing dangerous levels of cholesterol when excessive levels of LDL (“bad” cholesterol) or triglyceride accumulate in blood. High levels of LDL can deposit on the walls of blood vessels, creating plaque, which can lead to future health risks like heart disease.

What is normal cholesterol for a child?

Fasting total cholesterol: less than 170 mg/dL, optimal; 170 to 199 mg/dL, borderline high. Fasting LDL cholesterol: less than 110 mg/dL, acceptable; 110 to 129 mg/dL, borderline; 130 mg/dl or more, the child should be screened for causes. HDL: greater than 45 mg/dL, acceptable; less than 40 mg/dL, high risk.

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What foods to stay away from if you have high cholesterol?

They suggest limiting the following foods to achieve this:

  • fatty beef.
  • lamb.
  • pork.
  • poultry with skin.
  • lard and shortening.
  • dairy products made from whole or reduced-fat milk.
  • saturated vegetable oils, such as coconut oil, palm oil, and palm kernel oil.

How can I lower my cholesterol quickly?

How To Reduce Cholesterol Quickly

  1. Focus on fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and beans. …
  2. Be mindful of fat intake. …
  3. Eat more plant sources of protein. …
  4. Eat fewer refined grains, such as white flour. …
  5. Get moving.

At what age does cholesterol become a problem?

High cholesterol in teens, early 20s leads to heart problems by middle age. When it comes to high cholesterol, the younger you have it, the longer the consequences might stick to you, even if you get it under control before reaching your late thirties.

What is the best cereal to lower cholesterol?

1. Oats. An easy first step to lowering your cholesterol is having a bowl of oatmeal or cold oat-based cereal like Cheerios for breakfast. It gives you 1 to 2 grams of soluble fiber.

Why does my 11 year old have high cholesterol?

“The most common reasons for high cholesterol are poor diet, being overweight, and not getting enough exercise,” says Dr. Brothers. “But some active and apparently healthy children inherit cholesterol problems from their parents.

Can high cholesterol be cured?

A variety of lifestyle changes can help you manage high cholesterol levels. This includes eating a heart-healthy diet, exercising regularly, and maintaining a moderate weight. If those changes aren’t enough, speak with your doctor about prescription medications that can help treat high cholesterol.

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