Your question: Can I use Enfamil coupons at Walmart?

Do Enfamil coupons work at Walmart?

“This coupon does say in small print that the purchase must be larger than the coupon, but as it’s just $0.02 I think Walmart will let you use it.” *Walmart prices can vary and the above may not be an issue depending on the price at your store.

Can Enfamil coupons be used anywhere?

Checks are still valid for use in any retail outlet. How do I get these discount checks? All you have to do is join Enfamil Family Beginnings. You’ll receive up to $400 in free gifts, plus tips and helpful information tailored to you and your baby’s journey.

Can Enfamil coupons be used at Target?

You should be able to use it at Target, CVS, Walgreens and any store that carries Enfamil and accepts coupons. If you have Enfamil checks, you should also be able to use them with this coupon since the checks run thru as a form of payment and not as a coupon.

Does Walmart accept mobile coupons?

Walmart does not accept (mobile) digital coupons, (example: coupons scanned off a mobile phone). Walmart does not accept counterfeit coupons (VISA, MC, AMEX, Applebee’s or any coupons made by a third party. Walmart does not accept vouchers or gift certificates.

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Can I use Enfamil coupons at Costco?

You can sign up with Enfamil for free samples and coupons. We get multiple $5 off coupons every month in the mail. You can use them on anything even if it only costs $6.99 no restriction. … Costco doesn’t take manufacturer coupons if you sign up for the free samples/coupons from Enfamil.

Do Enfamil coupons work on Amazon?

No, only in a store.

How can I get a free case of Enfamil?

How to get it free: Simply call Enfamil customer service at 1-800-BABY123 to request your case of Enfamil. You may need to mention the flyer. If you qualify, Enfamil will send a full case of formula straight to your door.

Can you use formula coupons at Target?

If your baby uses Similac powder formula, you may want to head to Target to get it. … If you have formula checks you can definitely use them with the manufacturer’s and/or store coupons! That means you could save even more!

How do I get Similac coupons?

Did you know one of the best ways to get extra Similac coupons is to sign up for the Similac StrongMoms list? You’ll get free coupons and baby formula checks sent right to your house and your email inbox! Then, be sure to sign up for Enfamil Family Beginnings to get on another baby mailing list.

Does alimentum have iron?

Yes, Similac Alimentum Alimentum Hypoallergenic Infant Formula with Iron is gluten-free.