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Things I've Noticed Since Not Being At Work

Hiya!  So it’s 3 and a half weeks since I left work – and I’m pleased to report that I’ve actually been keeping very busy with various blogging/vlogging/baby/radio projects!  So I’m not bored yet. BUT It has also been rather enlightening for me – because unless I’ve been poorly, I haven’t been at home during… Continue Reading


The first thing I ever published on this blog as a test was a quote from the book Shantaram ‘A dream is a place where a wish and a fear meet’.  Before I proceed and my friend Alex blows my cover – I never did finish Shantaram – it’s a beast, and hats off to… Continue Reading

Work = Money …. Right?

You go to work yes? And you do that to get money in return for your labour, whatever that may be. It’s definitely caught on this exchanging-money-for-something-else lark. A quick wiki search tells me that the first coins came about around 2500 years ago, but ‘exchanges’ were common place a LONG time before that. Bartering… Continue Reading

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