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10 Things you don’t discover till AFTER 3 months together, Cheryl

So, big congratulations Cheryl Cole!  Unless you’ve been hiding under a big rock today (Cheryl’s is big enough to hide under actually) or maybe you live in a warm enlightened place where innate showbiz chatter bypasses your life (congratulations) you’ll know that Cheryl’s gone and married her boyfriend Jean-Bernard Fernandez Versini after just THREE MONTHS… Continue Reading

Why Robin Thicke has blurred my lines

(N.B contains a couple of moderately offensive words  & pic – you’ve been warned!) As a woman I don’t think I’m supposed to like the lyrics to Blurred Lines.  I definitely don’t think I’m supposed to like the video.  I’m talking about the banned version where all three girls are naked and basically submissive throughout.… Continue Reading

Why ‘fangirling’ in 2013 makes me sad …

Let’s start with the definition of ‘fangirling’ from The Urban Dictionary; From the noun fangirl To make loud high pitched noises (this includes squealing, yelling, or talking so quickly that it doesn’t sound like they are actual speaking a real language) or show their excitement for the object of their obsession though movement (this includes… Continue Reading

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