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I Won’t be NECKING or NOMINATING (but I kind of get what is happening)

There’s a lot of talk of this Neck Nomination / ‘NekNominate’ malarkey going on at the moment.  The papers have been dominated with it the past two weeks and just today there is yet another sad story in the press about a young man losing his life after taking part. On the way home today… Continue Reading


The first thing I ever published on this blog as a test was a quote from the book Shantaram ‘A dream is a place where a wish and a fear meet’.  Before I proceed and my friend Alex blows my cover – I never did finish Shantaram – it’s a beast, and hats off to… Continue Reading

Working With Your Other Half? What a Way to Make a Living

The older I get the more I realise people say things, or have opinions on things – just because they think they should.  You know what I mean – easily ‘borrowed’ popular opinions on topics that have been picked up through half understood conversations in bars with colleagues, or at dinner parties. Off the top… Continue Reading

What Is An Adventure?

My acupuncture lady is one of those people I will never be like, no matter how hard I try. (Before I go any further let me just make it clear, I’m not going all Gwyneth Paltrow on you with a diary crammed full of holistic Hollywood therapies before picking Pear and Raspberry up from school. … Continue Reading

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