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The Perfect Proposal

(Warning this is not for you if you’re adverse to romance, happiness, or public displays of affection) I pretty much knew Jay was the ‘one’ straight away.  We started dating in March 2012 after both finding ourselves spectacularly single and not really ready to mingle. I say we started dating, but really the actual dates… Continue Reading

Lest I Forget

Forgive me for not blogging in aaaages.  Believe it or not my blog is one of my favourite things in my working (not really working is it?) life. But excuses excuses I’ve had a lot going on personally the last few weeks and I knew I couldn’t give it the attention it deserved. Anyway, the… Continue Reading

I Won’t be NECKING or NOMINATING (but I kind of get what is happening)

There’s a lot of talk of this Neck Nomination / ‘NekNominate’ malarkey going on at the moment.  The papers have been dominated with it the past two weeks and just today there is yet another sad story in the press about a young man losing his life after taking part. On the way home today… Continue Reading

Who's Feeling Crap?

Hands up then – who’s feeling crap at the moment?  I am. A few minutes ago I was sitting on my sofa thinking ‘I feel crap’.  So I thought I may as well move to my computer and write about feeling crap and that might make me feel better? The life coaches and psychologists among… Continue Reading

Why I'm Supporting Jo's Trust

Every year the wonderful people that work at Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust run an awareness week, much like many other charities.  And this week happens to be Cervical Cancer Prevention Week (19th-25th Jan 2014). They asked me to be part of their brilliant Put Yourself In The Picture Campaign – basically trying to spread the… Continue Reading

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