What does baby breath look like?

What does baby’s breath look like? Baby’s breath starts out with multiple small stems covered in lance shaped leaves which branch up and out. This grows into a small shrub that can get up to 4 feet high. Many tiny, fragrant white flowers bloom in July and August.

What does baby’s breath leaves look like?

Overall, the plants look like round bushes that are bluish-green to gray in color. Plants can grow 3-4 ft tall. The round form comes from many, thin branches that spread widely from each main stem. Narrow, waxy leaves are inside or at the base of the plant.

What color is baby’s breath?

Baby’s Breath is a pale, subdued, baby blue with an indigo undertone. It is a perfect paint color for a nursery or soft and restful bedroom. Pair it with a deeper accent wall and white or off-white trim.

Can you touch baby’s breath?

Baby’s Breath Skin Irritation: Is Baby’s Breath Irritating When Handled. Baby’s breath is commonly found naturalized throughout much of the northern United States and Canada and often identified as an invasive weed. Despite the innocuous look of these sweet soft blooms, baby’s breath harbors a little secret.

Is baby breath a wildflower?

Baby’s Breath is a white, wispy flowering plant. This shade tolerant plant prefers drier soils, but will tolerate moist well drained sites.

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Height Range: 12 – 24 inches
Seeds Per Pound: 174000
Colors: Pink White
Growing Season: April – June
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Is baby breath invasive?

G. paniculata is a perennial herb native to central and eastern Europe and central and western Asia, but is widely cultivated and distributed as an ornamental and cut plant. It has become invasive in North America, where it threatens native grasslands and open habitats (BCMA, 2015).