You asked: What are the symptoms of liver disease in toddlers?

How do I know if my toddler has liver problems?

Talk to your child’s doctor immediately if they have any of the following signs and symptoms of liver disease:

  • Jaundice: yellow coloring of the skin and whites of the eyes.
  • Abdominal pain.
  • Ascites: abdominal swelling.
  • Change of sleep patterns.
  • Grey or pale colored stools.
  • Loss of appetite.
  • Nausea.

Can toddlers have liver problems?

Easy bleeding and bruising.

A child with chronic liver disease may also have signs of malnutrition . This may occur because the liver isn’t processing nutrients. A child with malnutrition may have: Poor growth or weight loss, because the liver can’t help the body use fat normally.

What is the most common cause of liver disease in children?

The most common cause of acute liver failure is viral hepatitis. A drug overdose, such as acetaminophen or Tylenol®, may also cause fulminant hepatic failure. Other causes may be eating some natural products such as some mushrooms or medicinal herbs.

When does a child’s liver fully develop?

The switch to the adult pattern occurs at approximately 12 years of age.

How do you know if your liver is struggling?


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Feeling sluggish, tired and fatigued constantly. White or yellow-coated tongue and/or bad breath. Weight gain – especially around the abdomen. Cravings and/or blood sugar issues.

What does stool look like with liver problems?

If your liver doesn’t make bile normally or if the flow from the liver is blocked, your poop will look pale like the color of clay. Pale poop often happens along with yellow skin (jaundice). The extra bilirubin that makes your skin look yellow also can make your pee unusually dark.

Can liver damage reversed?

In the case of cirrhosis, for example, you cannot undo the damage that has already occurred. Scarring is permanent, and the liver has lost its previous ability to function normally. However, a healthy lifestyle can help mitigate the risk of further damage.

Does liver failure happen suddenly?

Acute liver failure is a rare condition. It happens when your liver suddenly starts to not work. This often happens right after an overdose of medicine or poisoning. Chronic liver failure happens over a long stretch of time.